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    Published on 03-29-2010 11:31 PM
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    Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Fielder & Lundgren is probably the oldest snus manufacturing name in Sweden. Started as a company in 1835, F & L's history has been full of name changes but one thing that has stayed consistent thru out it's 175 year existence, is it's commitment to producing quality Swedish snus.

    Even though the company was started in 1835, it was Samuel Fielder who applied for permission to manufacture snus in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1785. Today, Fielder & Lundgren produces ...
    Published on 04-01-2010 04:26 AM
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    Gajane tobacco has been the manufacturer of some of the most uniquely flavored, and strong in Nicotine content, snus out there. Not much is known about the company it's self but, below we've listed all the different brands they produce along with the flavors and varieties.
    Published on 08-31-2012 10:56 PM
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    Gotlandssnus' foundations are built on three generations of snus experience, with the first snus on Gotland being produced in 1741. Using Alida tobacco, grown on the island of Gotland, in every one of their snus brands gives their snus a unique flavor that can only be found in Gotlandssnus.

    Gotlandssnus is also the first ones to create a Christmas time snus, Julesnus, that's been a favorite since it's inception in 2003. Below is a list of the brands they produce ...
    Published on 03-29-2010 09:33 PM
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    Imperial Tobacco is the parent company of Skruf (pronounced 'Skroof' and Knox brands of Swedish snus. Skruf is probably the second most popular snus brand in Sweden and one of the top most popular snus brands in the growing American market.

    Skruf was started by two life long friends who saw an opportunity to make a big future for a small product - Jonas Engwall and Adam Gillberg.

    Life long friends and entrepreneurs, Jonas and Adam, sat down in 2001 to discuss how they could use their skills gained in the world of finance to build a business in an area they were passionate about. ...
    Published on 03-29-2010 11:10 PM
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    JTI Tobacco is the parent company of JTI Sweden which makes many popular Swedish snus brands like LD and Gustavus.

    Below is a list of brands that are manufactured by JTI Sweden:
    Published on 03-29-2010 06:31 PM
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    Swedish Match is undoubtedly the largest tobacco company in Sweden manufacturing many of the most popular brands as well. General (pronounced 'Yen-er-al') is one of the most popular brands made by Swedish Match in both Sweden and the rest of the ...
    Published on 03-30-2010 12:20 AM
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    Known worldwide as the only snus manufacturer to produce the Cuban tobacco brands Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta, Taboca AS also manufactures the Taboca brand of Swedish snus.

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