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  • Soldat White Portion

    Soldat White Portion

    A soldier knows that he or she must be one with the unit and the gear in order to deliver top-results when it really matters. The same principle applies for a really good snus. It should be one with you, and that's exactly what you get with Soldat White Portion. A snus that delivers something extra without overcompensating.

    Soldat White Portion is a strong portion snus with a well-rounded and balanced tobacco flavor complemented with a fresh dash of citrus. A combination that works together in harmony and that is topped off with a nice cooling effect, which ensures that each portion provides a refreshing experience. ...
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  • Lundgrens Västkusten

    Lundgrens Västkusten

    The Lundgrens-series takes you on a journey through Swedish landscapes with its well-rounded and nature inspired flavors.

    This medium strong (8.5 mg nicotine/portion) white portion snus takes influences from the iconic cliffs and fresh ocean breezes of the Swedish west coast.

    Lundgrens Västkusten has a light tobacco character topped with delicious hints of heather and rose hip.

    Its portions are perforated for a quicker release of both flavor and nicotine. Their somewhat dry surface minimizes drip ...
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  • Knox Dark Portion

    Knox Dark Portion

    From Skruf Snus here we have Knox Dark Portion.

    With a sturdy, full-bodied tobacco flavour and a hint of a warming saltiness.

    Knox Dark Portion comes in regular pouches that are moistened on the surface for a faster flavour and nicotine release and which are moister than the other products in the Knox line. ...
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  • Operation Swedish or Nordic Chew?

    Operation Swedish or Nordic Chew?

    I've been gathering together some information on this product recently and so I thought I'd share it incase it might be useful to anyone else that is looking to use the product.

    From hereon I'll refer to the product as Nordic Chew. ...
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  • All White Snus & Nicotine Pouches

    All White Snus & Nicotine Pouches

    Of late new snus products have started to come to market to cater for those who enjoy snus but not the discolouration of teeth that is sometimes associated and most recently for those who don't wish to use tobacco products anymore at all but still enjoy their nicotine buzz.

    First released was All White Snus which is a purified white tobacco that doesn't stain or drip and doesn't need ...
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  • What is Swedish Snus?

    What is Swedish Snus?

    Well, Swedish snus originates from the 18th century and consists of four main ingredients: tobacco, water, salt and humectant substance. Snus is a smokeless tobacco product. Different flavors are added to these four ingredients which provide each and every brand with its special character!

    The Swedish snus (smokeless tobacco) is unique thanks to the special methods used when manufacturing the high quality tobacco. ...
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  • The mission of is to provide the best possible CUSTOMER SERVICE, PRICING and SELECTION of SNUS and other products to serve our Members and Guests. To guarantee you the ABSOLUTE FRESHEST SNUS POSSIBLE, orders are filled in Sweden. There, we receive FRESH SHIPMENTS ...
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  • EU EU

    This is the EU-shop of BuySnus where you can buy Nordic Chew, a smoke free tobacco product similar to snus - you use it the same way and the effect is also the same!

    We ship to most countries within the EU and we ship fast - 95% of the orders are shipped within 24 hours. ...
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  • EU EU

    Looking for Nordic Chew similar to snus? You’ve come to the right place! This is where you can buy Nordic Chew to the most countries within the EU. ...
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  • makes it really easy and convenient for you to order Swedish snus outside the borders of Sweden & the EU.

    We ship your snus fast - more than 95% of the orders are shipped within 24 hours. ...
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  • is focused on delivering high quality Swedish snus to you as quickly as possible.

    We provide freshest snus, fast order processing within 24h on business days and a friendly & competent support team! So it is now possible to buy snus worldwide (except for EU countries and where prohibited by local regulations)! ...
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    Are you looking for Swedish snus? Look no more, this is the right place!

    At you can buy snus to most countries worldwide outside the EU. ...
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  • offers Swedish Snus with fast shipping world wide

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]3428[/ATTACH] provides the largest selection of smokeless tobacco online. Everything from Swedish snus to American chew, Nicotine Pouches, Nasal Snuff and much more. They have been providing over 140.000 happy customers worldwide since 1998.
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  • Welcome To The World Of Snus!

    Welcome To The World Of Snus!

    Welcome to the world’s largest online community that’s centered around snus, Swedish smokeless tobacco. We’re glad that you’ve chose to become a member and participate, learn and have a bit of fun with us! Here at SnusOn we have a wealth of information from a myriad of different sources ranging from our own fellow member’s experiences to the actual manufacturers of the products that SnusOn was created for. ...
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  • The Dipper's Guide To Snus

    The Dipper's Guide To Snus

    I have been meaning to post something like this for a while. It seems that many if not most of the folks hear are x-smokers. I applaud you all in your efforts to become smoke free. However, I have come to snus by a different rout and so I want to share my experiences with all those x-dippers who may be looking at this site for suggestions and direction to get started.

    So quiet in the pound while I go over this and no pissing on the floor. ...
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