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  • LD


    "Taste more than it cost"

    From the small town of Vårgårda, situated in the heart of the Swedish province Västergötland, comes Nordic Snus’s flagship LD. A traditional Swedish snus that according to its maker ”taste more than it cost” ...
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  • New: Rite Swedish Snus from Ministry of Snus

    New: Rite Swedish Snus from Ministry of Snus

    New from creator of the fine Nordic Chew brand, Ministry of Snus, - Rite Swedish Snus....
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  • New One Series From Swedish Match

    New One Series From Swedish Match

    Meet the new One series from Swedish Match. ...
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  • Kurbits Fäbod

    Kurbits Fäbod

    Kurbits Fäbod is a snus inspired by the Swedish province of Dalarna and old agriculture traditions. The name came from the chalets where the farmers took their cattle to graze during the summers. The life around these chalets played an important and integral part in shaping the Swedish cuisine of today. The farmers back then took what the land and the cattle had to offer and made the most of it. A lifestyle that has influenced this snus's flavor rich and nuanced character.

    Its white and comfortable portions deliver a well-rounded tobacco flavor that is complemented with tasty hints of herbs, flowers and sweet under tones of vanilla. A rustic and balanced flavor that is accompanied by a satisfying and strong ...
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  • Kurbits Morgondagg

    Kurbits Morgondagg

    There is nothing quite as wonderful as the welcoming feeling of a summer morning when the warming rays of the sun meet the chilly night air. A time of the day when the green grass is covered in dew, when the birds start to sing and when the temperature is delightfully pleasant. A feeling that Kurbits Morgondagg captures brilliantly with its nuanced and slightly cool flavor.

    Kurbits Morgondagg delivers strong nicotine kicks (12.5 mg/portion) and it has a mild tobacco character that is topped with clear hints of viola and delicious tones of licorice. A tasty flavor combination that leaves a nice cooling sensation ...
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  • Kurbits Morgondagg Slim

    Kurbits Morgondagg Slim

    Kurbits Morgondagg Slim’s flavor paints a picture of a beautiful Swedish summer morning. The sun has just risen above the horizon and it's warming rays start to chase the chilled night air away, the grass is glistening with dew and the birds greet the day with their chirps and songs. A wonderfully cozy picture and feeling that these discreet snus portions capture in a brilliant way.

    Kurbits Morgondagg Slim delivers a nuanced and fresh flavor of mild tobacco topped with lovely tones of viola and delicious hints of licorice. This burst of flavor is closely followed by a strong nicotine kick (10 mg/portion). Its white and slim portions ...
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  • Kurbits Fäbod Slim

    Kurbits Fäbod Slim

    Kurbits Fäbod Slim is a discrete portion snus that delivers flavors inspired by Swedish traditions and the beautiful nature of Dalarna. The name comes from the province’s many old chalets that you can find dotted throughout its forests and green meadows. Farmers have throughout history used these chalets as home when they let their cattle out on summer grazing. A distinct culinary culture grew and evolved from the life around these farms, the food flavored with spices and aromas gathered from local area. Flavors that today still play an important and integral role in Swedish cuisine and are also the inspiration source for Kurbits Fäbod Slim. ...
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  • Soldat Vinter Slim White Portion

    Soldat Vinter Slim White Portion

    In order to blend in with his or her surroundings the Swedish winter soldier must become one with Nordic nature. Breathing in the icy cold air, moving unnoticed through the snow covered landscape and orienting themselves between thick spruce and pine forests. Soldat Vinter Slim White Portion combines this state of mind and refreshing feeling with a stimulating dose of nicotine!

    These white and slim portions have a well-rounded and mild tobacco character that is complemented by a fresh dash of citrus and frosty tones of forest berries for an extra touch of flavor. This refreshing burst of flavor is enhanced by an icy ...
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  • Soldat Slim White Portion

    Soldat Slim White Portion

    A soldier must always be ready to deliver, no matter the conditions and circumstances. This readiness was the main inspiration for the manufacturer Kurbits Snus when they developed Soldat Slim White Portion. A well-balanced portion snus that delivers a classic flavor with a refreshing twist thanks to the slight cooling sensation it leaves under the lip.

    These white and discreet portions have a mild tobacco character and flavor topped with a fresh dash of citrus. A timeless flavor combination that is complemented by a strong nicotine kick (10 mg/portion). ...
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  • Soldat Vinter White Portion

    Soldat Vinter White Portion

    Soldat Vinter White Portion is a snus that will refresh your senses with it's icy flavor and strong nicotine kicks (12.5 mg/portion). A snus that takes inspiration from the Nordic winter and the tough climate that the Swedish soldiers have to endure during the cold winter months.

    These portions deliver a light and well-rounded tobacco flavor topped with fresh tones of citrus and frosty hints of forest berries. A flavor combination that leaves a refreshing cooling sensation under the lip. ...
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  • Soldat White Portion

    Soldat White Portion

    A soldier knows that he or she must be one with the unit and the gear in order to deliver top-results when it really matters. The same principle applies for a really good snus. It should be one with you, and that's exactly what you get with Soldat White Portion. A snus that delivers something extra without overcompensating.

    Soldat White Portion is a strong portion snus with a well-rounded and balanced tobacco flavor complemented with a fresh dash of citrus. A combination that works together in harmony and that is topped off with a nice cooling effect, which ensures that each portion provides a refreshing experience. ...
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  • Snus - Snusbook

    Snus - Snusbook

    "Snus! : The Complete Guide to Brands, Manufacturing, and Art of Enjoying Smokeless Tobacco" guides you through the rich history of snus and how this Swedish tobacco-craftmanship have developed throughout the years to what we know and love today.

    Amongst these 128 pages you’ll also find reviews and ratings on over 200 snus varieties from both big and small manufacturers. An extensive list that describes their characters, flavors and strengths, something that will help you on your way to become a true snus connoisseur.

    In no time you’ll navigate through the selection of snus like an experienced sommelier finding the right snus for every occasion. ...
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  • 3 Generations of SnusOn.Com

    3 Generations of SnusOn.Com

    What are your memories of SnusOn.Com? Please do share by posting a comment below. ...
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  • Lundgrens Skåne Slim White Portion

    Lundgrens Skåne Slim White Portion

    Just like it's stable mate Lundgrens Skåne White Portion, Lundgrens Skåne Slim White Portion offers the same tobacco with a hint of forest berries goodness but comes in slim white portions making for a more discreet under the lip experience.

    You can read more about Lundgrens Skåne Slim White Portion over at
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  • Review: Granit Strong Portion

    Review: Granit Strong Portion

    From Fiedler and Lundgren here we have Granit Strong Portion with a taste of pure tobacco and a hint of bergamot and pepper.

    I find these original portions pleasantly moist and they sit comfortably under my lip.
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