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A fantastic new invention that takes the sting out of snus

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  • A fantastic new invention that takes the sting out of snus

    I have had the privilege of picking the brain of Bengt Wiberg, the inventor of Sting Free Snus. The biggest invention since snus portion bags. Here is what I found.

    Sting Free Snus is a brilliant solution to the stinging sensation on the gum. This is an invention that has resolved a major problem and make smokeless products more enjoyable for users who find the stinging sensation unpleasant

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    Interesting, thanks. I actually enjoy what I call the “burn” but is it that which is bad for your gums? Is the sting-free snus proven to be healthier for your gums?


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      According to Bengt and his dentist, his gums are healthy now. I have not had any real problem with my gums after almost 50 years of using loose snus. But for someone with a problem, this can be a solution.


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        50 years Anders? That’s a long time. It’s good to hear Bengt’s gums are healthy now. I will definitely try the sting-free snus. I saw the video on YouTube Bengt did with the inventor of portion bags for snus.