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Goodbye snus lesions, sore & receding gums and stinging/burning- New invention patent

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  • Goodbye snus lesions, sore & receding gums and stinging/burning- New invention patent

    Hi, my name is Bengt Wiberg, snus inventor from Sweden. I have invented a method I call “Sting Free” snus which gives three big advantages to the enjoyment of any snus- or snuff in pouch in the world. It’s not a new tobacco mix – It’s a scientific “revolution” of the properties of the pouch itself.
    The three advantages are:

    1. It eliminates all stinging/burning on the snus users sensitive gum and oral mucosa
    2. It protects the gum and oral mucosa and does not cause snus lesions or harm to the gum
    3. It does not stain the teeth

    All these advantages are possible thanks to a ultra-thin (0,025 mm) impermeable membrane that is placed on the inside of one long-side of the snus pouch already in the manufacturing process of the snus. Since the membrane stops all direct contact with gum, oral mucosa and teeth, the three advantages for the snus user is obtained.

    How about taste, smell and nicotine kick with snus using the Sting Free snus manufacturing process?

    I have developed the innovation with lots of help from two of the most renowned scientist of oral health and snus in the world. M.D. Ann Roosaar of the Karolinska Institute and professor Tony Axell. The inventor of the snus pouch back in the 70’s, Professor Curt Engzell also praise my invention.
    The high pH-value of snus today (>8) ensures that the nicotine is absorbed by all the mucosa’s of the mouth and thus the Sting Free snus membrane does not reduce the pleasant nicotine kick of snus.

    The taste buds (that we detects the taste of the snus) are located in the tongue, palate and crevice and are not affected by the Sting Free snus method. In fact, all snus users stroke the outside of the snus pouch with the tongue several times per minute unconsciously to increase the taste of the snus.
    The sense of smell (olfactory) is located in the nose and is not effected by the Sting Free snus method.
    This means some of the present disadvantages of snus are now solved, and at no disadvantages, when enjoying snus! In fact, the Sting Free snus method can be applied to every brand or sort of snus- and snuff in pouch of the world. Hopefully in the near future to come, us snus- and snuff users can enjoy our own, whatever the name of this is, favorite snus brand of in a Sting Free alternative!

    I don’t own a snus factory or sell snus. My vision is to see the worlds 1 billion smokers quit vaping and start using Swedish snus, preferably the healthier Sting Free variety, instead.

    Read more- and follow the latest development of snus innovation (English/Swedish) on:
    Video: How you can protect your gum/oral mucosa yourself at home (English subtitles)

    Media publicity on the Sting Free snus:
    The most read article in Sweden’s biggest news paper Aftonbladet in June 2016.
    Three full pages in Scandinavia’s biggest trade magazine on tobacco, Tobak & Mer, in February 2016.
    Four full pages in Scandinavia’s biggest trade magazine for invention’s and design, Uppfinnaren & Konstruktören, in June 2016.
    Full page in local news paper Lidingö Tidning in march 2016.

    Sting Free snus is patent pending in Sweden. Patent will also be filed in the US in August 2016.

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    Interview on Sting Free and 2-in-1 snus by Stiff Upper Lip (UK)

    Please welcome to view Stiff Upper Lip (UK) interview in English with the inventor of Sting Free snus and 2-in-1 snus. (English)

    Also released in a second, slightly different version, in Swedish that you can find below. (Swedish)


    Bengt Wiberg
    Snus inventor


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      There is a little interesting stuff on that website.

      I'm intrigued by 2 in 1 thing. This is only my creative side speaking as I don't think that I would pay a premium for it on the regular but the concept is something I would try and I think that it has merit.

      Other than that I'm glad that someone developed a product that will help others. As for me, I like the pain and so far my oral health is spot-on...after nearly a decade of snusing. Who knows, I might need it some day.

      So I'm guessing the barrier inhibits or retards the nic uptake from the gums. It's reported that the nic gets absorbed by other mucosa in the mouth but what is the difference in duration? I used to read that in the first 20-30 minutes the nic is all absorbed. Would this product change that? If so, it could be used as a cessation product too.

      Glad the world is still thinking.

      Snus on!


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        Thanks for your comment WickedKitchen!

        I haven't had time to visit SnusOn for a while. The nicotine is absorbed by all of the mouths mucosa. This is scientifically concluded by professor Tony Axell who is the biggest expert on the planet on the subject oral health and snus. The Sting Free works for longer time, but kicks in perhaps some fractions later than the same snus without the membrane.

        My big aim is to convert the worlds >1 billion smokers to snus instead and thus theoretically save 10 millions lifes a year. A well known blogger in Los Angeles ( pinpointed the problems. I quote her article on Sting Free snus: "I have also been contacted many times by people who try snus for the first time, and are worried about this sting/burn they feel underneath their lip. Many of them feel discouraged and may not try snus ever again. Since a lot of these people try snus in the hopes of it being able to help them quit smoking, I see this as a huge problem. I hope that every snus brand will offer a sting free option in the future."

        I'm meeting the CEO and the Market director of Swedish Match tomorow so I hope to be back with more Snus News soon.

        Best regards

        Bengt Wiberg


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          Originally posted by Stingfreesnus View Post
          I'm meeting the CEO and the Market director of Swedish Match tomorow so I hope to be back with more Snus News soon.

          Bengt, thanks for the update. keep us posted on how it goes with SM. I will be interested to hear what they say
          When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers