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  • Red Man Golden Blend Chewing Tobacco

    This was excellent. In a way, I guess it reminded me a bit of Levi Garret regular, which I believe in my fave chew. The Golden Blend, was better than the Red Man original, which was very good too, but this one seemed more lighter, brighter, it's hard to put this into words, while the original was more heavy and bolder. Red Man makes a great chew overall, though I haven't had their, I think it's called Select. But this Golden Blend is great. The leaf quality, and the taste is top quality. It's hard to put a finely detailed review of chew, unless something stands out either unique or bad, and this one is not really unique, and surely not bad, it's just a great chew.

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    I chew Golden Blend all day everyday, from dusk to dawn. Its one of those flavors i crave during the day and i even wake up at night to use the bathroom and i throw in a cheek before i go to bed. Its very bold but at the same time its balanced out so well. Great Choice


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      Good stuff! When I used to chew, the guys I worked would take turns buying a pouch every Friday. We worked outside, and it was a way for us to ring in the weekend. The flavour still reminds me of the weekend, or fishing with my dad. Very mild sweet flavour, all around a nice product.


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        Yeah I was gonna tell ol boy the other day to get some, Forget who it was looking for chew.....


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          Tom's use of commas was damn near avant-garde. I really wish he would post again.