Click image for larger version  Name:	image_2899.jpg Views:	28 Size:	3.8 KB ID:	638292 I've been gathering together some information on this product recently and so I thought I'd share it incase it might be useful to anyone else that is looking to use the product.

So Nordic Chew is generally made and sold in/from Denmark and can be purchased within the EU.

Denmark have similar food laws to Sweden.

Unlike with snus the tobacco is cut rather than ground and it is then pasteurized, flavoured and packed into portion bags and canned like snus.

Not all Nordic Chew products are made by the snus brand name they carry, rather sort of licensed out to a Danish Chew producer that will manufacturer the Chew to the snus company's requirements.
Other manufacturers such as AG and V2 already have factories in Denmark producing snus and so they can generate Chew themselves there.

Nordic Chew mainly comes in the white portion variety mainly to increase shelf life times but also to suit current consumer trends. Also it generally comes in strong/extra strong varieties again to suit customer trends.

Nordic Chew should be stored as snus eg. refrigerated although this isn't as crucial as with snus and the labelling on Chew cans does not indicate the product should be kept refrigerated unlike with snus.

Some thoughts I had -
The U Sample and Ink are AG brands. Both have good flavour but my favourite is the Ink with it's wonderful floral aroma and really soft portion bags (considering it's a white product)
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The Skruf is an example of where a snus manufacturer has sort of licensed out the production of Chew to their requirements. A Danish tobacco manufacturer, Mac Baren, produce Skruf Chew.
Surprisingly, not being a mint person, of the 2 I prefer the 'Fresh' or mint flavour. It's a really quality, long lasting flavour and the nicotine delivery is slow, steady and long lasting.
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The Thunder I wasn't overly impressed with. It's not much like it's snus big brother and the portions are quite bulky.
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The Rite was a really dark horse. I'd never heard of that brand and it turns out it's made by Mac Baren under their 'Ministry of Snus' brand line.
The portions very closely mimic white snus portions. The flavour is real quality and long lasting and the nicotine hit, at least for me, insane. It's a real 'slap you round the face in the morning' thing that I often go back to of a morning and when I want a big nicotine hit.
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I hope this information will be useful and attach some Chew photos for info. Please forgive my amateur photography skills ;-)

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