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Stokers Chew - Some Mini Reviews!

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    Stokers Chew - Some Mini Reviews!

    Hello guys and girls,

    I just thought I'd briefly share my thought on the Stokers chews I have tried. I figured one thread of mini-reviews makes more sense opposed to single threads with a paragraph on each flavour! Anyways, Stoker's.. they're undoubtedly my favourite chews on the market.. Their motto really makes sense.. a good chew at a fair price. I think they're really good value for money, they're good and leafy and no many rough stems.. they're usually real moist also.. in comparison to most other chews I've tried. Nothing else gives me that real dark flavoursome juice that Stoker's chews do.

    In recent times I was very disappointed with alot of the chews I'd bought as they were quite dried up and stemmy.. I wont name any names but alot of the big brands.. but I've never had this issue with Stoker's. I'll also say, I never really get much of an effect from chew.. or if I do I don't notice it.. after chewing on strong snus I pretty much feel that way about most US products. It's not surprising as there's more nicotine in some single pouches from Sweden than there is in entire cans of US dip, even the strongest ones. I mostly chew it for the nice flavour and I think Stoker's really shines in that department.

    Stoker's Black Wild Cherry: This, my friends, in my view, is the best chew I've had. For me, it really don't get much better than this one. I absolutely love the flavour.. nice, sweet, juicy, dark cherry. 9.5/10

    Stoker's Butternut: This one is the runner up, a close second.. a really nice chew also with a nice sweet, buttery, almost pumpkin pie-like taste of Butternut Squash. 9/10

    Stoker's Fred's Choice: Another quality chew with a mellow flavour of vanilla.. kinda reminds me of Tough Guy vanilla dip but a little nicer, although if I'm honest I would prefer the cherry and the butternut. I think I prefer a fruity flavoured chew anyways though.. anyone looking for a vanilla chew should definitely check out Fred's Choice. 6.5/10. Would be higher if I liked non-fruit chews.

    Stoker's Apple: The first time I tried this one I wasn't crazy about it but upon more uses I've grown to like it alot more. It sorta reminds me of Apple Pie. A nice chew indeed. 7.5/10

    Stoker's Tequila Sunrise: This one is quite good too.. I just got a bag of it yesterday and I've tried it twice since. It was somewhat different to what I expected.. it reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on what that is. I think there's definitely a tequila taste going on but not so sure if there's alot of orange? Regardless, it's a good addition.. although I'd still opt for the black cherry or butternut first.. Bear in mind I've just got this one so I haven't really built up a good opinion on it yet. 7/10

    I've a few more in the mail.. namely Tennessee Moonshine Blend and a couple of others. I will update with mini reviews of those when they arrive. I'm keen to try the 24C and L50 also.. keen to know what those letters and numbers actually mean.. anyone know? I think Bobby Stoker hinted that they were something to do with the number of times it took to perfect the blend and something about the cost also. I read someone say online that they were like Stoker's alternatives to both Redman and Levi Garrett.. and another one "Red Supreme" was like a spicy version of Redman. I'll give them all a go through time. If anyone else would like to add or share their own views I'd love to hear.. especially of the ones I haven't got round to trying yet.

    Will update soon.

    Thanks folks.

    Stokers dip is really good.

    The preacher's blend is the way to go.

    Here is how to make it (according to an ol Appalachian circuit preacher I met on a stormy night years ago)

    1 tub of natural fine cut
    1 tub of natural long cut

    Mix thoroughly in a large bowl and then put back in the tubs. Pack the tubs down until the dip is firm. Refrigerate. Decant into a couple of tins as needed. As you decant, hydrate and pack the dip down (repeat until tin is full) let the tin sit for a while in the fridge. Enjoy
    When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers


      Stoker's is a really good chew and the price is hard to beat.

      BTW... "alot" is not a word.