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From Swedish Match, and from their updated One Series, here we have ONE Blå White Portion.

The snus comes in white portions containing 1g snus per portion and each can 22g snus in total. The portions are arranged in an attractive star formation in the can and have a slightly wedged shape (like General Onyx) to them making them a comfortable fit under the lip.

The can is blue in colour and the artwork gold and white featuring the One Series branding.

Upon opening the can I was greeted with a very pleasant and balanced tobacco scent with hints of delicious citrus. To me Juniper Berry takes front stage against a backdrop of balanced tobacco.

ONE Blå White Portion is inspired by Göteborgs Rapé and has many similarities.
To me ONE Blå White Portion is like a stark and more premium version of Göteborgs Rapé which I think would make them attractive to those that like the flavour of Göteborgs Rapé but would appreciate a stronger nicotine kick.

Upon placing a portion under my lip I got a long lasting, balanced tobacco taste with hints of delicious citrus. Juniper Berry taking front stage.

The nicotine content for this snus is 13mg per portion which makes for a medium-strong snus experience and satisfying nicotine kick. I felt the nicotine came on smoothly and was long-lasting.

Taking the longevity of the flavour and nicotine release pattern of the snus into account I kept the portion in for a good hour or so.

Why not try a can of ONE Blå White Portion on your next order and see what you think? and share your thoughts with us in our Snus Reviews forum.

Thanks for reading! & until next time SnusOn! :-)

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