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From Skruf Snus here we have Skruf Nyans Månstoft white portion.

I find these white portions quite soft compared to regular white portions and that
they sit comfortably under my lip.

Each portion contains 0.9g of snus and each can 22g snus in total.

Skruf do not generally specify how much nicotine there is per gram of their snus as they say this varies from batch to batch with the tobacco leaf used but this brand they rate medium on their strength rating system making it a standard strength snus.

The cans are black in colour and the decorative artwork on the labels is black and gold depicting a moon landings setting.

Upon opening the can I am greeted by a mild tobacco aroma with delicious, salted caramel. I'm thinking Toffee Nut Sundaes, caramel, chocolate and caramel candy, definitely a great desert snus here.
I note also the gold/brown colour of the portion material in keeping with the moon landings theme.

Upon placing a portion under my lip I get a delicious taste of salted caramel with a mild tobacco base.

I feel the nicotine comes on fairly quickly and smoothly which is pleasantly unusual for a white portion and the flavour long-lasting.

Why not try a can on of Skruf Nyans Månstoft white portion on your next order and see what you think? and share your thoughts with us in our Snus Reviews forum.

Happy moon landings ;-) and thanks for reading!

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