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Review: Skruf Cranberry (Tranbär) White Portion


  • Review: Skruf Cranberry (Tranbär) White Portion

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    From Skruf Snus here we have Skruf Cranberry White Portion with a dash of Cranberry.

    These white portions come with a minimum drip and a slower flavour/nicotine release than original portions as they don't go through the final portion outer moisturisation
    process at the factory.

    Each portion contains 0.9g snus and each can 22g snus in total. Skruf do not generally specify how much nicotine their is per gram of their snus as they say this varies from batch to batch with the tobacco leaf used but this brand is generally rated as regular strength by the snus e-shops.

    The can is grey in colour with the Skruf Tranbär White artwork in purple, white and gold.

    Upon opening the can you are greeted with a pleasant mild tobacco aroma with a hint of Cranberry.

    Upon placing a portion under your lip you are greeted with a long lasting pleasant taste of mild tobacco and a dash of slightly tart Cranberry in the background. I felt the flavour and nicotine came on very gently and was consistently released for a good hour or so.

    I think this makes a great snus for those that want a regular nicotine strength, a solid mild tobacco base and just a hint of a sweetness in the background. I find it a great unwind snus at the end of the day.

    Why not try a can on of Skruf Cranberry White Portion on your next order and see what you think? and share your thoughts with us in our Snus Reviews forum.

    Thanks for reading! & until next time SnusOn! :-)

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