Click image for larger version  Name:	wisby.PNG Views:	0 Size:	18.5 KB ID:	638638 Coming soon Wisby Norderport and Wisby Söderport by Gotlandssnus.

From the words of Gotlandssnus:
"Wisby Norderport and Wisby Söderport are two new snus lines from Gotlandssnus. It is white portion snus with full-bodied portions that are dry on the surface with moist content for low drip and for a long-lasting taste experience. On Gotlandssnus you love their origin. Getting to Wisby is an experience, here it is old and genuinely well preserved in the narrow alleys inside the ring wall. Many people have a relationship with the city and memories from there, regardless of the season. The snus series Wisby is Gotlandssnus' tribute to the Wisby port to Gotland and its hearts. The names of their new snus, Norderport and Söderport, have been inspired by the walls of the ring wall and the flavors are taken from the Gotland flora. First off are the flavors of Rosehip and Elderflower."

This will be a particularly interesting release as it will be the 1st white portion line Gotlandssnus have made.

Wisby Norderport will have a clear tobacco character with a hint of Gotland Rosehip.

Wisby Söderport will have a clear tobacco character with a hint of Gotlandian Elderflower.

You can read more about the new Gotlandssnus Wisby line over at