Click image for larger version  Name:	1232.jpg Views:	0 Size:	11.9 KB ID:	638358 One for our EU members that 'chew' - Experience Thunder Chew in a new and flavorful way with Thunder Heritage Nordic Chew.

This limited edition series deliver Thunder's trademark energetic nicotine kicks and refreshing sensation, but now in 5 new and exciting flavors.

No 1. Deliver a fresh mint flavor together with fruity hints of banana.

No 2. Offer a tasty flavor combination with both spicy and fruity aromas, which gives it a flavor reminiscent of bubblegum.

No 3. Refreshes and stimulates with its icy mint flavor and wonderfully tart tones of lime.

No 4. Deliver a delicious licorice flavor combined with fresh and spicy peppermint.

No 5. Has fruity and delightful pomegranate flavor.

As you can see it’s a lovely mix of flavors that offer a big and fresh variation. They all come in discreet Slim White Dry chewing bags designed for a comfortable fit and minimal drip. This low drip ensures that both the flavors and the energetic nicotine kicks (9 mg/portion) last for a satisfyingly long time.

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