Click image for larger version  Name:	xrange-catch-slim-white-raspberry-licorice.jpg Views:	15 Size:	7.1 KB ID:	638854 If you’re a fan of Swedish Match’s Small Batch No.4 or if you simply love snus that delivers exciting and tasty flavors then XRANGE Catch Slim White Raspberry Licorice will be a snus right up your alley.

These discreet and white slim-portions deliver medium strong nicotine kicks (7 mg/portion) together with a fruity raspberry flavor combined with delicious hints of licorice.

The satisfying release of both flavor and nicotine last for a wonderfully long time thanks to the portions' white character and dry surface that minimize drip. Combine this with their slim size and you’ll get a snus packed with flavor that is both comfortable and discreet to enjoy.

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