Click image for larger version  Name:	image_2928.png Views:	12 Size:	19.1 KB ID:	638284Skruf Nyans Solglimt is a ray of sunlight captured inside a can of snus,

This white portion snus has a light tobacco blend enhanced by refreshing tones of citrus. A snus just as perfect to enjoy under a clear blue sky as during a grey autumn morning.

Skruf Nyans is a series of snus that takes inspiration from Swedish flavors and expressions.

The tobacco used is organic cultivated, they use natural aromas and they have a mild character. The different flavors are balanced in harmony with each other in order to deliver a nuanced and well-rounded snus experience.

The white and medium strong portions are designed for a comfortable fit and minimal drip which lengthens the lovely and rich flavor.

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