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The Dipper's Guide To Snus


  • The Dipper's Guide To Snus

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_2925.jpg Views:	31 Size:	9.1 KB ID:	638264 I have been meaning to post something like this for a while. It seems that many if not most of the folks hear are x-smokers. I applaud you all in your efforts to become smoke free. However, I have come to snus by a different rout and so I want to share my experiences with all those x-dippers who may be looking at this site for suggestions and direction to get started.

    So quiet in the pound while I go over this and no pissing on the floor. The first thing that you will recognize when you switch to snus is the chemical difference between snus and dip. Call it the Swedish purity standard of snus. I dipped a lot (and now I snus a lot). O.K. I chain snus. When I dipped my lip stayed torn up all the time. I was constantly getting that, teeth hurt, gum receding, leathery creasing of the lip (AKA “Dip-Lip”). I have been snusing now for over a year and a half and the inside of my mouth stays smooth and no more dip lip at all. Also, if I went a few hours without a dip, I would get very dizzy and it was pretty hard to concentrate. Now I am not saying that after a few hours without snus that I am unaffected. However, what I realized is that what I thought was a nic fix was in fact a fix of all the other crap that American tobacco puts into their dip (e.g. formaldehyde). For a couple of weeks after making the change to snus, my lip actually craved the dip (kid you not). Another, indication of the chemical difference is that I could not swallow dip without a great deal of heart burn. Snus is meant to be swallowed (like tea or coffee). For me the purity of snus was a major draw and motivation for me to make the change. This purity is evidenced by the low occurrence of oral cancer and gum disease in Sweden (look it up. It is well documented).

    The second thing that you will notice is the cost. My monthly budget went from ~$42.00 a month for dip to ~$30.00 a month for snus to ~$20.00 a month (now that I order my snus in bulk). These prices are with the shipping expense included. Remember, the average American can of dip has 34g of tobacco. Loose snus has on average 45g. For me, an average American dip lasted about 35-45 minutes. An average snus stays in for about two hours. Also, even the regular strength snus is a good deal stronger in nic than the strongest American dip. Thus, less goes further. I use on average 1 can of snus every three and a half days to four days. With dip, I used 1 can every one and a half days. So in comparing the cost you can’t just compare the price of cans. Start by comparing the cost per gram (include the shipping cost). Next, compare your over all monthly cost. Once you get your rotation set and can order in bulk, the cost will drop even further.

    The third thing you will recognize is the flavor. The move from American dip to snus is like a move from instant coffee to a high grade roasting house blend. In fact, you will look back on your favorite dip with the fondness of flavored pancake syrup- a glob of sweet, over the top, artificial, nastiness.

    However, that said snus is more subtle and refined in its flavor. Initially, you may not be able to taste all the intricacies of the particular snus you are using. Give it time and try a variety. You will eventually find more flavor there than you expect. Which brings me to another point: most dippers have a single dip that they stick to pretty regularly. Not so with snus. Most sunusers (myself included) have several brands that are in their regular rotation. My advice is to hold off at first on ordering rolls at a time. Again pups, give it time and try a variety.

    Here are a few suggestions of the stronger flavors that you might want to begin with (all loose).

    Gotlands gul (yellow)
    Gotlands gra (grey)

    Also, if you were a Skoal or Kodiak fan you might want to try the Offroad Wintergreen (but I do not condone it any more than I would have condoned your berry Skoal over my Copenhagen straight).

    You will probably not be able to taste Ettan, Prima Fint, or Grov at first (I still can’t taste Prima Fint after a year and a half but Grov is one of my favorites. The slow sturdy flavor is delectable). Save Ettan and Grov for your second or third order. You will want to try them just not at first IMO.

    Another thing that you need to know is that most snus is much more finely ground than American dip. All the above recommendations (with the exception of Granit) will have more of the consistency that you are used to with dip. Now this is both a good and a bad thing and leads us to the whole lipping it verses baking it debate (i.e. lower lip verses upper lip). I do both, though I primarily bake. Now be warned pups that lipping it will get you labeled a big ol’ redneck by our Swedish/European counter parts. But a little redneck would probably do em all some good. Here is where I come down on it. There are some times when a man has just got to spit. You can’t say “Well kiss my ass” or “I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it would help” and end it by baking something they call a pris. There are things in life and utterances to be said that have just got to end with a spit. However, that said, the convenience of not having to spit, of being able to work and snus at the same time, of putting in a pris and having it go strong for 2-3 hours are all great advantages. So when you’re fishing, drinking bear in the back yard, or looking at a busted water line and trying to figure out how to fix it- lip it. For the rest of the time you are going to want to learn to bake (use your upper lip). One more thing, snus will not last as long as dip when you lip it. The finer cut means that more is lost with each spit than with dip.

    To learn to bake a pris watch Zero’s video posted on the forum and start with Granit or Roda. Both are incredibly easy to bake and taste great. One final point. You will not go wrong purchasing a Pris Master to start off with. They are only a couple of bucks and will help you a lot as you get started learning to bake. However as a member of the pound and an x-dipper you will find that you have skills that our x-smoker friends do not possess. You know how to wield loose tobacco. It is in your blood. It is your natural arena of expression. Having this special power, I found that once my upper lip got used to the snus, I no longer needed to bake. Now I just pinch, knock off the excess, place it under the lip, and give one quick adjustment with the tongue and I am good to go- no runs, no mudslides.

    With all that, let me be the first to welcome you to the world of snus. I hope some of the things that I have found may be of help to you. But in the end, as Sagedil has often reminded us, it’s what you like and what works for you. Have fun with it and try a variety.

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      Thanks for the reply! That is good news for those who are having a hard time getting snus.

      In fact, a good way to stretch your snus....... avoid dip lip caused by the rougher cut of dip......and cut some of the sweetness in American dip is to take a tin of Roda los or Extreme Los and mix it 1 to 1 with a tin of Timberwolf or Longhorn (both of which are inexpensive and come with good coupons twice a month if you go to their web page)

      Anyway, the result is a dip feel and flavor that is deeper, richer, and not as sweet (due to the snus)........yet easier on the gums (again due to the snus)........and which does not dissolve in the lower lip (due to the dip).

      This might be a good way to stretch a roll of snus, still not have to not worry about spitting, still be able to upper deck when desired, and yet have a bit of the dip flavor (though for the life of me.......snus is far superior in flavor and quality to dip)

      Anyway, I have tried both mixtures and both work nicely.... so play around with it a bit and see what you think.....and then let us here what you find.

      Again thanks to Matt for his insights

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      Originally posted by squeezyjohn
      Thank you! That's one of the most useful things posted on SnusOn for years!

      Your inside information makes it even more crazy that snus is not legal for me to buy where I live - and that Swedish Match who make the best and safest snus out there refuse to allow companies who supply the UK to stock their products.
      I'm not sure about the sales aspect of things, but I too think it's crazy that it's a known fact that cigarettes are bad, yet they are readily available everywhere, but snus that is a much safer alternative, if not a completely safe tobacco product, is outlawed in the EU. It makes no sense to me. Maybe the MRTP application will open the eyes of some politicians worldwide and they will see that the FDA is taking it seriously and hopefully others will follow suit.

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      This should probably also address side-dippers, AKA double-dippers. Many users of American-style smokeless dip on the side, near the bicuspids or molars, as a more discrete way to use the product that stuffing the lower lip. They also tend to put small amounts on both sides to even it out, or to use a larger amount on one side one day and on the other side the next day to avoid the chemical burn effect.

      While loose snus tends not to do well in this location in the mouth, side-dippers can convert to snus with zero effort by using portion snus, especially slim portion. I've been using snus this way for years, and it is ideal for me. I have great saliva control in this location (much more so than with top-lip placement). I can even eat a snack this way, with the snus on one side, and chewing on the other.

      The only caveat is that double-dippers (even those who use big wads on both sides) should opt for normal 6–8 mg snus (i.e., they'll be getting 12–16 mg per use). Double-snusing with extra strong snus produces an uncomfortably high dose, even for a lifelong diphead.

      Anyway, I would actually recommend this method of switching for any and all, pretty much. There is no futzing around with pris baking, there are no mudslides, you salivate less, and there isn't even any mess of any kind, since the snus stays in its little sachet.

      PS: If you are not buying locally and want portion snus, always order white portion (and if you find one you like, get white dry portion). You're going to moisten it in your mouth anyway, the drier it is the longer shelf-life it has, and you dramatically cut down the shipping weight and cost. Snudog is of course correct that the most economical way to use snus is to buy the loose variety in bulk (you do get way more snus per packaging ounce that way). I buy white portion in bulk and still save money over my old dip habit (and that's with American prices; when I lived in Canada the price was much worse for dip because the cost per can was higher than in the US yet the cans were notably smaller). At any rate, in the US in my area, a week's supply of dip and of snus in portions is about the same (if you shop around – General snus prices vary wildly from about $4 to over $7 per can, in retail shops). In bulk via mail order the price per can of snus can be well under $3, if you opt for budget brands and maximize the number of cans in your shipping-cost bracket.
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