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Snus making, which tobacco ?

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  • Snus making, which tobacco ?

    I'm Kevin from germany and new to the forum ! I'm into snus since I quit smoking 6-7 years ago.
    Its a real hassle here in the EU to get some good snus, Swedish match etc. It's quite expensive or just not possible and I'm sick of it. I use Odens (no 3 los and siberia) most of the time. They ship to germany, only 2 days, great customer service , highly recommend, but the snus.....hmmm.... it's good but it's far away from the classics like ettan or general.
    Plus, I'm sick of all that plastic , I'm trying to avoid garbage as much as I can in my every day life and I had no solution for snus.

    yeah long story short I want to try baking my own snus. I got my hands on Virginia, burley and Smokey Kentucky. I'm unsure if I should use them all. Or how to mix it. Has anyone tipps ? I thought about doing 50/50 Virginia/Burley and not use the Kentucky . I don't like Kentucky in the pipe so I'm not sure if I could enjoy it as snus.

    which tobaccos are used in ettan, general, röda lacket etc ? Is it only Virginia or blends ?

    I hope my English isn't too bad. Thanks in advance!!

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    Welcome to snuson! Enjoy the site, hopefully someone [with more knowledge than me about tobaccos for snus] will come along to answer your questions about tobacco types.

    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I killed because they were annoying......

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      Indeed, welcome Chbronson ! Good to have you here.

      Unfortunately I don't have the info you're looking for personally but whilst someone who may have it hopefully drops by may I suggest a read of our Grow and Make Your Own Tobacco Products forum. The info you're looking for may just be there..


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        Did you ever decide on a blend? Curious to know how this turns out.
        I'd think that kentucky might be a bit intense for snus, maybe more suited to dip..
        If I was going to try this I'd be tempted to go 75/25 Virginia/Burley. (Burley can be quite thick & I'd imagine it wouldn't moisten as well as the Virginia.

        Good luck with it & update the results.


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          Yeah I did 50/50 va/burley and didn't use the Kentucky . It smells way too Smokey. Guess I'll see how it tastes in 3 weeks. Still smells a lot like ammoniak.


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            Sounds great so far, I use to enjoy a bit of Burley in pipe blends, should definitely make for an interesting snus. I imagine it would pair well with a few drops of wintergreen for a morning pinch.


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              Originally posted by Chbronson View Post
              It smells way too Smokey.
              Is it air-cured tobacco?


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                No it is dark fired, very smoked. I loved blends with this kind of tobacco in the pipe, but I don't think it's good under the lip. Maybe in a blend with <5% of it , but I didn't want to experiment with the first batch I try. ah maybe next time.


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                  I think to be Swedish snus I think air-cured tobacco should be used so less TSNAs. Don’t quote me on that it’s just how I understand it


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                    Originally posted by Chewbacca View Post
                    I think to be Swedish snus I think air-cured tobacco should be used so less TSNAs. Don’t quote me on that it’s just how I understand it
                    That's right since the 60's there is only air-cured tobacco in Swedish snus to avoid TSNA. You find a great variety of tobacco at and from what I heard they now ship to Germany.