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Deciphering Snus Best By/Expiration Dates

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  • Deciphering Snus Best By/Expiration Dates

    hello, perhaps someone could shed some light on snus expiration dates? My can of gustavus loose says '20080918"

    Great snus brand, although somewhat mild in all around flavor. I was curious of this expiration date . .

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    Typically, it reads Day, Month, Year

    That appears to be Year, Month, Day


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      Re: deciphering snus expiration dates

      Originally posted by digitalerik
      hello, perhaps someone could shed some light on snus expiration dates? My can of gustavus loose says '20080918". .
      I was wondering the same thing. Most of the tins from my first order have 20080612 and I thought they had expired. ops: Good thing I'm a cheap A** and didn't toss them! Thanks Grim. 8)


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        LOL, I think you meant to say thanks Xobeloot.

        If you need a reference for checking snus dates, go to and it shows you the three different formats the experation is listed.


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          Originally posted by
          Expiration Dates
          The expiration dates of the Swedish snus are written in the Swedish date format. This sometimes leads to misunderstandings. We at promise you that you will always get fresh snus directly from the manufacturer and if we get bad dates from the manufacturer we will not send them to you.

          Here are a few examples of how the expiration dates can be written:

          19 09 2006 = 19:th of September 2006
          20060927 = 27:th of September 2006
          041207 = 4:th of December 2007
          070108 = 7:th of January 2008


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            And welcome to the forum digitalerik


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              Originally posted by Grim
              LOL, I think you meant to say thanks Xobeloot.
              Oops... ops: Thx Zobe.

              .........quietly takes 1 of the Elyxr portions out of the lip :wink: ..........


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                Snus expiration

                I have been buying several different kinds of snus lately and noticed they're stamped with a lot of different "use before" dates ranging from late march to late june.

                My immediate thought was, that some of the cans have simply been sitting in the fridge in the store, longer than others, but are there snuses that simply don't keep as long as others do?

                Now I have sorted my snus stash according to date, and it would seem that I have to get through a can of Göteborgs Rapé Lös and Skruf Lös before I get to give Grov Lös a try :lol:


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                  I personally just freeze what I don't want to use yet, and leave the few cans I am using in the fridge. I don't really have to worry about the expiration dates if I don't open all of my cans and leave them in the freezer. If you have opened cans you want to freeze, use vaccum sealing bags. I bought a sealer and bags at wal-mart for about 10$.

                  Also, V2 products usually have a longer use by date than other snus.


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                    The only type of snus that I have gone bad in the fridge on me is los. I find that it becomes dryer very fast. Portions personally last forever.


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                      I wouldn't worry too much about the dates, especially if you are religious when it comes to keeping your snus in the fridge (which I'm not). If you decide to freeze it, that will extend the life dramatically, also.


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                        snus expiration date....???

                        I really don't understand this expiration date thing on snus. Can it really go bad? I mean it wont rot or spoil, so why does it have an expiation date? The only thing I can think of is it drying out, which I understand. Is there something else i don't understand about this?


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                          You've pretty much got it. Think of it more as "best before" date as opposed to an expiration.


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                            Yup...should be fine. I popped a can of Gotlands Julesnus out of the freezer this morning. Still quite moist & tasty.


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                              Offroad Expiration date? V2's curing process?

                              So I figured I'd try it again and see if I was wrong in my original assessment. (I wasn't, it still sucks). But anyway, the expiration date is 12/30/2009.

                              So what makes Offroad portions so special that they can stay fresh for eight months whereas Swedish Match is lucky to get three or four at the most?

                              The only other time I've seen snus with this wide an expiration date is when it has been the fire-cured shit like Grand Prix, Skoal Snus and Tourney. Does anyone know for sure whether or not V2 is honest to goodness pasteurizing their tobacco? I know they're in Denmark so they wouldn't (AFAIK) need to follow Swedish regs regarding snus production.

                              This makes me wonder.