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Any delays with shipments right now?

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  • Any delays with shipments right now?

    Today my wife was going to make an order off of a German food retailer online but they had a notice that orders could be delayed due to worries about the coronavirus. Has anyone made an order from Sweden in the last week or two? Did it arrive in a normal amount of time? Thanks!

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    I have had a couple of orders arrive from Sweden
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      I figured I would report back. I made a big emergency order to stock up for ~2 months or so, and the package actually came faster lol! Normally I get the initial email that it has been shipped with an estimated delivery date, but then I get another postal update that my package has been held by customs. Then it would update and either push the estimated delivery date back a day or be the same day as originally given. But this time it seems the package didn't get held up in customs at all. Perhaps the resources are being better spent elsewhere instead of looking at snus boxes!

      I would still recommend stocking-up if possible. You don't know what the future could hold!


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        I was worried about shipping also, so I placed an order for 10 rolls from Snus Central (only place that had all 4 that I wanted) on Monday, Shipped Tuesday, and from tracking should be here today, Thursday. So looks like normal ship time. Figured I would stock up in case there are problems down the road.


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          I placed an order with Snuscentral on 3/18 and had my snus in hand on 3/23 (NY, USA). I think that is the fastest it made it through customs...