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  • Share your Snus Story.

    I noticed we had a lack of this thread on here, so I thought I'd start it. I think it'd be great to get everyone's story in ONE thread.

    At the beginning of the year I was trying to quit smoking. Patches, gum, Chantix, I tried everything. Nothing would help. I had been smoking for years, and was hooked pretty hard. I was going through a custody battle at the time, and I was quitting smoking not only for my daughter, but also for me. I've heard the courts frown on smokers, so I didn't want them to have ANY ammo against me.

    I was running a Domino's Pizza store at the time that was connected to a gas station at the beginning of the year, and they were going to test Camel "SNUS" American there. I asked the lady who was putting up the posters what this "snus" *pronounced sn-UH-s at the time, in my mind* and she said it's smokeless spitless tobacco. So I tried it to supplement my smoking. The more I used of it, the less I found the urge to smoke. I was wondering about other varieties of snus, so I got online and checked around, read some blogs, some forums, and eventually put my first order in for the Swedish Match White Portion kit. When it came in the mail, my VERY FIRST experience into snus was General White, I opened it (please note how new I was at the time) and was repulsed. I put it away, never touched it again, and went back to Camel.

    I messaged a fellow snus user who gave me some great advice, and I started with snus that related to me, General Mini Mint. Through trial and error, reading forums, and ALOT of snus orders, I eventually got off the Camel and became Swedish Exclusive around late April, early May of 2009. Once I switched to Swedish, I quit smoking. Totally lost the urge. Even today, if I smoke, (which is VERY rare), I crave a snus afterwards. Snus has impacted my life in many ways, and I'm glad I found it.

    After I won my custody battle in June, I was worried I'd go back to smoking, but snus had actually taken that desire away from me, and I've stayed with snus.

    EDIT: Also, another fun thread -
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    Chad thanks for sharing. I was very moved to read you are such a caring father, rock on the world needs more like you.

    My story is pretty boring. I was a dipper of Skoal and Cope, then one day I was online searching for a cheep place to get dip, and stumble onto nasal snuff. This is snuson, I know, bear with me. I started using snuff, but still dipping, needed my oral fix I guess. That led me to, an awesome snuff site. There was a discussion there on snus, since lots of people there use both. A member traded me some General snus for some snuff, I liked it a lot, and now I've pretty much pitched the dip in favor of snus (and snuff) I just think the taste of snus is so much better than dip, and it doesn't tear up my gums. Plus this forum is awesome, I don't post as much as some, but I always read.


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      Here's a copy/pasta from the other thread...

      I first heard of it through a buddy's trip to Norway. Shortly after I saw a Camel display in the store. Normally I wouldn't have given it a second thought, and I'd have just assumed it was a new gimmick from the tobacco companies. Knowing the word snus from my friend got me interested in trying it. I liked the Camel, and I still do to some extent, but before long(2-3 weeks maybe), I was online purchasing some Swedish snus.

      It was a bit of a shock after the Camel sweetness, and it took me awhile to get into the Swedish groove. The absolute lack of sweetness, and salt were a little off putting at first, but they won the day after a couple weeks of use. The Swedish flavors are complex and mature. It's like comparing a single malt scotch to a fruit schnapps. Schnapps kind of tastes good in it's weird sweet way, but the scotch is more satisfying over the long term, and the skill that it takes to make it is readily apparent.


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        I went to Sweden for a month in 2001 where I first encountered snus. I then kind of forgot about it until I went there on business again in 2007 and saw it everywhere so I started reading up about snus. Placed my first order (General White and GR) a couple of weeks later. Shortly after that I went to South Africa where SM was just launching snus and picked up a few rolls of General and CatchDry licorice. Been a snusar ever since.


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          I had been smoking for about 7 years, my buddy 10 years. Unlike me he was into dip and he wanted to try Camel SNUS (american). He said it was really worth trying and he had been using it to help him quit smoking. I used one and didnt feel anything except the sweet taste.

          I started borrowing a couple and would use a couple throughout the day and would smoke when I felt like it. After about a week I bought my own tin, noticed I was smoking less and then he ordered some swedish stuff. At first I only liked the mint flavors and I noticed more nic kick so I ordered a couple cans of mint swedish snus. Once I got into the real stuff I was barely smoking, one day when I lit up after about a week of not smoking I just found it gross tasting and it was giving me a headache. From there I completely quit, slipped up 2 times, both at parties and I had been drinking but ever since then Ive smoke free for about 4-5 months now and havent looked back.

          I thought Id never get into the more traditional flavors but as time went on I started liking them more and more and strayed away from mints. Then when I got my first cans of ettan and grovsnus original portions I went to town on em. I dunno what it was I just loved the flavor and started noticing the complex flavors of other traditional ones too. Its then I knew I had crossed into true snus.


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            Wanted to quit smoking, got drawn into the cool looking tins of Camel and tried it. I hated it. This was back in Jan. 09. 6 months later, I figured I try it again. I was a Camel smoker, so I had all kinds of free snus. I tried it again, and stuck with it for a week. In that week I researched snus online at work, stumbled upon some little known site called and have been here since. Got my friendly welcomes and suggestions from peeps, and ordered my Swedish snus. Smelled the General when I first got it, thought it smelled like dead fish, tried it anyway. I fell in love. Snus on brothers and sistas!!!!


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              We do have this thread here n00b! LOL! J/K!



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                The girl working the counter was flirting with me and when I asked what was up with this camel snus shit, she gave me a can. I tried it. I researched it on the internet. I bought a sampler and thought it sucked, but I was determined to get my money's worth. Ended up loving it. Became a los snob.


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                  While I started with camel, the concept appealed to me more than the taste. I could never use more than a few portions in a day and used them alongside cigs. I could never have used SNUS as adequate nicotine replacement. I did an internet search in an effort to see if camel snus was any safer than dip and discovered several of swedish snus' health studies along with I thought it would be interesting to try, needless to say I was impressed.
                  I smoked 1-2 packs/day for 7 years and I also found smoking cessation extremely easy with snus. I started using snus last oct. and set new years day as my intended quit day, ended up stopping well before, the exception being when drinking alcohol. Over 11 months into using snus and I still cannot go on a good old fashioned drinking binge without chain smoking cigs. And I never smoke, not even occasionally, while sober.


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                    In early 2008 a coworker said "ever heard of snus"? No. He said he orders this stuff from sweden, it's all herbal no additives, and he was using these little pouches to quit dipping. I didn't know it at the time, but he was using the nicotine-free stuff from Northerner to kick his dip habit. In May 2008, he convinced me to start running and working out with him during our lunch break. I really owe a lot to this guy.

                    Based on his explanation of this "herbal snus" and my complete misunderstanding, I thought it was some kind of herbal blend to ehich nicotine was added. Anyway after running every day for a week and lighting up a cig as I left the gym everyday, I thought "this is ridiculous. I can't jog and smoke". I asked him again about that website. Ordered the top 10 sample, and to my total surprise, this strange snus was tobacco and not herbs with nicotine injected into it or some such thing lol. Cracked the can of Ettan, was in love with the smell (that's right Chad, quit with the "dnot smell the snus BS lol), and it was love at first snus.

                    Quitting smoking was finally EASY after so many previous attempts. I injured my knee in the Summer of 08, relapsed on cigs until November, then thankfully resumed snusing and running when my knees healed. My fiance still smokes, and I occasionally do to, but I never think about cigs or care if I don't have access to them at any time or ever again. If they are there, I may or may not smoke one. I'm so happy not caring anymore. And also so glad that snus is delicious tobacco, and not nicotine-infused herbs as I initially thought. Strangely enough, camel snus hit Seattle about 2 weeks after my Northerner box arrived. I know it's lame, but I'm still proud to say I've never tried it. I will gladly let Tom and his Discreet be my only American snus experience until another decent option comes my way. Long live Swedish snus and thank you snuson!


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                      Rarggg...Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds are screwed if all us smokers switch to actual swedish snus before they can get there's on the shelves

                      My story's pretty much the same as all else's. I'm 28 and have been smoking since I was 16. I have tried everything except Chantix to quit...having heard it was a pretty nasty drug, I opted to find something else. Found a couple videos on youtube by a guy named "sfvandal" discussing how he kicked smoking with swedish snus.

                      I was really hesitant...I know everyone says it isn't anything like American dip (and it isn't, I know that now) but at that time, all I knew was it was smokeless tobacco. Did some research, bought some Camel Snus, almost immediately discarded it(too damn sweet), and bought the real deal from After I nearly gagged myself on a General Onyx drip, I registered here to inquire and learn more

                      So take a bow, you damn Snus pimps. I'm down to 1 pack/day...from 2 to 2.5 packs/day. Thanks, all.


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                        I first started smoking and tried numerous times quitting. I did some dip here and there (skoal wintergreen and cope straight) but never as a way to quit...later I had a friend who quit smoking by doing Red Man Golden Blend...but he worked construction and I worked an office job so I tried the chew method, but ended up smoking at work anyways and the cigarettes always won in the end.

                        Then I stumbled upon a thread about snus on Something Awful and decided to order a roll of Lucky Strike (which was one of my favorite cigarette brands) and after 14 days that was the first time I went more than 24 hours without a cigarette in 10 years.

                        I was originally attracted to the fact I wouldn't have to go outside to get a nicotine fix and planned on just doing snus at work...but after I got halfway through the first can it's been pretty much nothing but snus (yeah I do snuff, and some red man now and again...and also the occasional cigarette).

                        I do have a cigarette once or twice a week...hell, I smoked 5 in one week a few weeks ago, and then I thought "2 years ago it would've been amazing to go one day with only 5 cigarettes, but 5 smokes in one week? That's insane!" This shit simply works. And it's way more satisfying than cigs. Period. No smell, no bad breath, no taking breaks, no standing in the cold and no spending $5.50 a day. A carton of smokes ran me 40 bucks and lasted a week, and now I use a roll of General White portion in a MONTH and it costs me around 30 bucks with shipping.

                        I love me some snus....

                        And I'm drunk.


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                          What led me to snus was my boring desk job, and a curiosity to find something to do. I didn't know anything about snus at this time. But I have internet at work, and was thinking of walking to the corner gas station and trying some Skoal Bandits. I only tried oral tobacco a few times many years ago, but never cared for it to use it. I did used to smoke regularly, but had quit for the most part, only smoking when I binge drinked. I can't really fully remember how I "found" snus specifically, but it was online, as I was looking up Skoal Bandits, and somehow I found out about Camel snus online.

                          I decided to walk to the gas station and see if they had this, and they did, so I thought I'd try it, and bought 1 tin of the 2 kinds they had. Well, it was good and bad. The initial taste seemed good, like candy. But they really knocked me out, as I was not used to oral tobacco/nic at all. Made me feel ill even. I also realized now, I was putting them too far to the side/back, which made juice overload, which I was not ready for either. I then eventually found this site in my net search back in Feb. I also got the free can of Gen Mini Mint from Get Snus, and it was also having the same effect as the Camel, but I did like the taste better. I was not using snus all the time then either.

                          I then bought a bunch of cans from the exchange here, and looking back, what I got wasn't the best picks. I remember one of the them was Offroad Hot Honey. Well, one day, I was just ill feeling, and said, this snus is just not for me, and quit. But in that package I also got a tin of nasal snuff. My 1st proper English snuff. It was a cherry menthol, and it sat in the freezer for a while before I decided to try it. I didn't think I'd like it, but had never had it. I had bought cans of the American scotch in the past once in a while and "snorted" some, but they usually ended up in the trash.

                          But then with this snuff, I decided to research it, and found the Snuffhouse site. I then read all the newbie info, and decided to try it. And wow, this was great! I then went on a snuff spree. I was snuffing this 1st tin everyday. I then traded off my snus cans I still had for a variety of snuffs from some members there. I really took to snuff, and was on it like a coke fiend. But then, it seems like when summer came, I got totally stopped up terrible bad, and could not snuff without using nasal spray, and then still got stopped up, so I took a break from it, and decided I wanted to try snus again, at least till summer ended. So I bought the White sampler from getsnus. Now, this time, it was much better than before.

                          I was still a nubie. But I think the snuff at least acclimated my body to the nic some, and I didn't feel ill. But I was still getting juice overload, and needing to spit alot. I also mainly got the high salt overbearing taste as a noob. But then one day, I was thinking, I must be doing something wrong, so I took a portion, and stuck it right in front, and it was like the parting of the sea. I realized I was placing the portion too far back all along. So, having fixed that, I was no longer getting juice overload, and eventually passed beyond the salt dominance.

                          Then I traded off a bunch of my snuff for snus, as well as bought some more. Eventually trying los snus, and liking it, but then finding portions to be easier and more comfortable. I will do los again, I have some. But I like the ease of portions. I also thought I'd like the flavored snus most at 1st, but now I use snus all day everyday, and prefer non-flavored. I think I now prefer original portions over whites. Now these things can change in time. But this is my basic story as to how I came to use snus.


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                            I pretty much have the same story as the rest. i'm 23 now and have been smoking since i was 19. i actually never had a solid brand of cigs i liked and just floated around. i saw the camel snus in the gas station but never bought it. i was given one by a trucker driver trying to quite smoking, at that time i was using a e-cig but that didnt work out too well.. this must have been in may of 09. so i kind of liked it and ended up with coupons which i used from time to time.. then the e cig failed.. so i hit up some cheap cigs and with those coupons switched over to camel Snus. then on another forum I found out about swedish snus and got a free sampler and ordered some general. i liked everything within that sampler. i then drove up to a tobacco store and got some general there. didnt want to wait for my order, so yeah thats pritty much it.. burned out on onyx, like general white but not my favorite.. my current daily snus is ettan original and goat rape. i still have about 2 cigs a day.. but still trying to fully convert. i will be successful someday.. i guess i just got smart fast and wasnt full stuck in a habit i couldnt break.


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                              The first snus was of course U.S. Camel, sad excuse for snus. I ordered some loose Ettan. Thought it was a can of peat moss at first. Got past that and am now in LOVE!