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  • A Little Blast from the Past

    So the other day I was rooting through my snus freezer and happened upon a can of Odens Fudge los that GN sent me to test out for him (he sent about 5 of them and this one I had set aside for later and forgot about it)

    It was fantastic and had not lost any of its flavor.

    What struck me as I worked my way through the tin is how different the consistency of snus was back then. Since the EU regulations and the Swedish tax on the amount of dry weight tobacco in a tin, manufacturers have been increasing the water weight of their snus (thus a 40g tin of snus contains less dry weight tobacco and more water. As such, it is taxed less and the cost of sale stays down). IMHO this has really reduced the quality of what snus used to be.

    Today all the snus I have is almost paste like in consistency. Not too long ago if you wanted Snus paste you ordered Prima or Roda (but even then their texture was due chiefly to their grind- not an over hydration). Revisiting the old tin of Odens Fudge, it struck me how nice it was to have a snus in my mouth that had body and texture.

    I hope that one day soon someone somewhere will return to the old way of making snus...... back when it had character and body.

    Damn....I sound like one of those old farts at the barber shop

    Carry on
    When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers

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    Hear hear! Seriously, I’ve been using General purchased locally because the excitement of los is over. It’s not as good as it used to be. I pop on here every now and then to see what’s up, but don’t have much to say about the state of snus anymore. It has been what keeps me from going back to smoking and American dip. I’ve tried the Zyn because it’s new and cheap, but I have not found it exciting enough to post about...and with the cost of shipping and UPS pain in the butt I’ll be fine with my local General snus.

    Oh man I miss the old days....