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Does anyone else here chew?

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  • Does anyone else here chew?

    So do any of our members from the EU use Nordic Chew ?

    It's a relatively new product from Denmark very similar to snus and available to those in the EU that cannot get their hands on snus due to EU laws/regulations.

    I made an article about my adventures with it here and will look to update it with any new findings.

    Do share your thoughts if you are using the product and if you do decide to buy some if you click through to BuySnus EU here and enter coupon code 'SNUSON' at checkout this will give you a 10% discount on your next order.

    Happy chewing!

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    I do and I particulalry enjoy GR slims. And yes, I even chew them a bit as I find the flavour and stength can be a bit lacking otherwise.

    I still prefer snus overall I think though.


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      Yeah, I find I bite on them sometimes to release some more flavour/nicotine too. I thought that was a myth :-) but it's sort of reminiscent of Oliver Twist to me sometimes.


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        So how are our Chewers' experiences these days?

        The Thunder products by V2 Tobacco seem quite popular along with Siberia by GN Tobacco and Göteborgs Rapé by Swedish Match.

        Do share your favourite brands and experiences with us. We'd love to hear.