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(Newish User) Strange Effects?

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    (Newish User) Strange Effects?

    Been having about a dip/chew a day for about two months now. The chew I can handle fine all day but any dip that I try seems to just kill me, still have massive buzzes, when I take it out I get crippling headaches and feel like I am going to die, I doubt I am swallowing any spit because I can handle the chew which makes way more spit in my opinion. I have tried Skoal pouches, and almost all the Copenhagen varieties. The only one I could do was Grizzly Straight which I was ecstatic that it didn't make me feel like crap but after two weeks it too began doing the same. Any ideas or tips? Even though it makes me sick I still keep searching for that one. Picked up Copenhagen pouches and Copenhagen wintergreen today, tried the pouches and got a massive headache, yet to try the wintergreen. Any one have similar problems or any idea on how to fix it?

    Get yourself some odens extreme it's the answers to all the worlds problems!


      Sounds to me like you are not use to high levels of nic. Additionally, there are worlds of difference between Swedish snus and American chew/dip. I'd recommend that you try Skoal Mint snus; or, General Regular snus. The Skoal is a US snus and is very mild and somewhat candy like. The General is the "real deal." I'd suggest that you try snus and stay on the lower side of the nic. And, BTW, welcome to Snuson!
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        My bad sorry, welcome to the forum. These guys are top notch when it comes to smokeless. I'm slightly biased with GN but I hope we can help.


          No problem.

          Never really looked into snus before I'll have to check at the store.


            The only advice I could give with backing from 100% of the guys is if you choose snus go Swedish!


              Just took a microscopic pinch of wintergreen and he was pretty nice to me , not very keen on the taste though. Definitely gonna look into snus, looks like some awesome stuff!


                There are plenty of flavours to choose from and is easy (no mess) untill you try lös (which you should) just pop a portion under your lip and job done for at least an hour or two for me.


                  ya sounds like u are getting nic overdose and your boddy dosent know how to handle. try snus but dont give up on the dip. drink LOTS of water and start with smal lips and work yor way back up to a real size lip. just take her slow and ull get there


                    I dunno............I'd give up on the dip..............I dipped for over 25 years.............and will never look back

                    Besides, why would you want to acclimate yourself to something that your body is shouting at you to stop. I’m not sure I see the pay off.

                    There is more to dip than just the guess is that darkflaw is reacting to that "something else" in dip. You would expect a nic reaction while the dip is in not after it is taken out. An allergic shock though may come on as your system begins to recover to what it perceives as a toxin.

                    Anyway..........give snus a try.........and see if the problem abates...........if so........problem solved…………..if not………….there is always chew……..or better yet…… nasal snuff

                    Regardless..........keep us posted............and welcome to the forum
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                      I recently came back to nicotine after a thirty years absence. I never stopped missing smoking (even though I always wanted to stop).

                      Back when I started smoking it was menthol cigarettes, cigars (I love 'em) and dip. I quit it all until three months ago. I used Skoal and Copenhagen until I found Swedish Snus.

                      Here is the thing with dip for people who want to "try" it. They go online to You Tube and they watch all these videos with guys who have been dipping for years. Or they will see a friend who dips and think that is the way it's done.

                      The first thing they see with these dippers is that they put a golf ball size of dip in. They all do. So beginners believe that is the way to dip. It is NOT the way to dip for a beginner!

                      If you want to like dip and you are just starting to try it don't do it in front of a long time dipper.

                      Go off by yourself and pinch out a small pea size amount. Or smaller. Leave it in for five minutes at most! You will be hit over the head with the nicotine delivery.

                      Don't dip again for twenty four hours!! And repeat that amount maybe every other day. You will love it after your system adjusts. Or you won't.

                      Don't dip with a friend dipper to begin!

                      Getting to Snus! Snus is not dip! The nic content is generally much higher and that too will take you (beginner) time. But you will never go back to Cope after you fall in love.

                      Snus actually does something to your system that dip or cigarettes or any other tobacco product does not do. It (in my case) actually generates the body and after you remove the Snus about a half hour later you will feel younger. Laugh if you want but I swear by this.

                      On another note about dip. When I did I never put in a golf ball in my whole life. And I never....never.....spit.

                      Cigaretts will kill you! I believe that!

                      Swedish Snus is nowhere in the same league.

                      And as said by another poster here the content of Dip is way more unknown and complex and adversely detrimental to the health of the user.



                        Dont be a dip.....
                        wiki "Popcorn Sutton" a true COOT!


                          I never found any snus what gave me staisfaction in terms of taste like a good chew or for example Copenhagen snuff gives me. Point. It all depends on what you like and snus is just not the holy grail to everyone.


                            Originally posted by SpitFire View Post
                            I never found any snus what gave me staisfaction in terms of taste like a good chew or for example Copenhagen snuff gives me. Point. It all depends on what you like and snus is just not the holy grail to everyone.
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                              Bailiff...Wack his pp.
                              Please enlight me on the meaning of this sentence. I dont have any clue.