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    Originally posted by texasmade
    not in this city...
    Where would one go to buy a cup of coffee in the early morning?


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      QT, Kangaroo, Racetrac...MAYBE Texaco..


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        I have a pinch in right now. I got this today by mistake, I asked for plain ol Copenhagen Longcut and I got Wintergreen Longcut, didn't realize until I got home. It's ok, really juicy and doesn't burn at all like the Snuff or LC. It's too sweet for me to buy again, though, and I have to spit way more than when I use other Copenhagen products, this is a real draw back. I almost want to throw it aside and go get some real dip, but I just spent $17 on it haha. Would not buy again!

        PS I am using the Canadian version which is not quite the same as USA.


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          I just tossed the entire can, it was becoming more disgusting after every pinch. I don't know how people can dip this candy every day.
          My Northerner order can't get here soon enough!


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            Finally tried this dip. All in all I like it. Figured I had to try at least one Wintergreen dip so I opted for the brand I have had the most good luck with, Copenhagen. I take very small pinches to be discreet in general with dip. Using it more these days as acquiring snus is becoming more and more inconvenient while being in the SE US finding dip is as easy as walking into pretty much ANY grocery or convenience store.

            My tin had a metal lid and plastic body. I was expecting the paperboard, but I am fine and in fact quite pleased with the plastic body.

            So I guess the only Copenhagen I have left to try on my to do list is the original snuff itself.



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              I know I am quite a few years late on this, but this stuff is amazing. I am a snuser. And this is my favorite dip. I miss some of the skoal flavors that you can only get with dip. I never really liked wintergreen. THIS changed that. I love this stuff.


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                I too love cope wintergreen (also mainly a snus man). Butttt have you ever tried Stokers wintergreen? I'd say its even better and you can get a massive tub of it so its dirt cheap and lasts for ages.