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Has your brand ever started tasting funky?

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    Has your brand ever started tasting funky?

    According to the dates of posted thread and replies, from what I have seen, it looks like these forums are a little dead. Albeit I have a question I think is an interesting topic.

    Let me elaborate a little. From time to time I switch up brands and flavors because, to me, they start getting a little bland and boring over time. My first dip was Kayak Peach Fine Cut, which was given to me by a friend. When that can was finished I experimented with different brands and flavors including Red Seal, Copenhagen, Grizzly, Skoal, Timberwolf, ect. with different flavors like Mint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Rich Blend (Cherry like flavor), Original, ect. I have always been fond of the Mint family of flavors and I prefer Long Cut over Fine Cut simply because I feel that Long Cut last a bit longer and its easier for me to grab a single pinch.

    Getting back to switching up brands, the last dip I switched from was Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen and I switched to Timberwolf Long Cut Mint for two reasons, 1. Tobacco prices have been progressively getting higher in my area, Copenhagen being a generally expensive brand around my area already and 2. because the taste was getting bland like so many other brands and flavors before it. Although Timberwolf doesn't seem to hold its flavor as long as Copenhagen to me, or maybe that is just the difference between Wintergreen and Mint, I have been liking Timberwolf Mint.. that is up until recent months.

    For awhile it seemed like every other can I got tasted really funky and strange, one can being so bad I couldn't stand it longer than 10-15 minutes and eventually ended up just flushing the rest of the can down the toilet. Yes, that was an intentional hidden pun, because it tasted like crap. Assuming maybe it was just a recent bad batch or something, I continued getting Timberwolf Mint, and it did get a lot better over the last month or two leading me to believe that my assumption was correct, that is until tonight, I got another funky tasting can.

    This led me to wonder about the possibility of the gas station I have been getting my cans from selling expired cans because the Tobacco store I was getting my products from previously is pretty notorious for it. Maybe that's why their prices are always cheaper than everywhere else. After discovering that the date codes of Timberwolf are a little more complex than most brands I decided to look it up. Assuming that brands like Timberwolf recycle their date codes every decade this cans good by date should be March 28 2016 as its date code is C286A1319, first four being C286 indicating the date. Hopefully I would be correct in recycled date codes because the way Timberwolf Mint has been tasting lately, it seems more like a March 28 2006 date.

    So, have your brands ever started randomly tasting funky?

    Maybe its just time for me to kick the habit.
    I have been dipping for nearly 10 years and I am pretty tired of switching up brands and flavors especially with prices continuing to rise. I already quit smoking beforehand, and don't have any intention to pick it back up.

    I've been dipping Grizzly Wintergreen for a while and I personally haven't had a funky taste, and I do switch over to Mint occasionally in order to spicen things up, however, I think it might have been a old can that you're getting. For the most part, the dip I obtain is pretty fresh, so the freshness is usually there and tastes normal. I also dip pouches for convenience and I think that could play a factor into it.


      If your can says C286 it is not would definitely know it if it was a 10 year old can. The graphics would be different for one. I have popped 5+ year old unrefrigerated/unfrozen cans before, and TRUST ME, you would absolutely know it if it were that old. It will be about 20% moisture (instead of ~55%) and be old and stale and look completely different and have none of the top flavor left in it whatsoever. So you definitely didn't get a 10 yr old can.

      Pay attention to the next time you get a new unopened can, see if the top is sunken in a little or a lot, or if it is bloated out. If so, get them to give you a different can.

      That said, I've had cans of Grizzly Wintergreen that are drastically different. You can get 2 cans, with the same code on the bottom and the background tastes totally different. The wintergreen is there and good, but the tobacco taste is just drastically different, sometimes in a bad way. Personally, I don't like Timberwolf Long Cut Mint, Grizzly Mint, Copenhagen Mint, Skoal Mint...they all taste funky/dirty to me. Timberwolf Mint Pouches and Longhorn Long Cut Mint have a much cleaner tasting peppermint flavor. But I prefer snus over dip, so my go to for mint these days is General Mint.