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New to chew.. and I love it! New recommendations welcome

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  • New to chew.. and I love it! New recommendations welcome

    Hello friends,

    I recently got myself some Redman Original chew. Never had chew before but figured I'd give it a go. Turns out I really love it. Probably more than dip, I think. I went through the bag in a short time. So I got a big bag of Stoker's to try out which I'm using at the moment.

    I think the dip has more of a nicotine effect but I sure love the taste and feel of the chew. I like the sweetness and the juicyness and how you can ball it up in your cheek and move it about a bit.. sometimes I feel dip (just some of them.. finer cut, more dry ones) is like having a crushed up cigarette in your mouth and I'm not really into that. Chew, on the other hand, I find quite pleasant in that respect.

    Can anyone recommend good chews?

    I've bought a few but to date I've only tried Redman Original which I really like and Stokers Wild Black Cherry which I also enjoy but it kinda leaves a not so great aftertaste with me.. maybe it's just me.

    I'm keen to try the Redman Golden Blend and Redman Select.. plus the Levi Garrett chews, Levi Original and Levi Extra. I've heard it's a good brand also. Other than these I'm keen to try Lancaster also.. maybe Beech Nut too. I also heard that Stoker's "Fred's Choice" was a vanilla blend which sounded pretty appealing to me. Maybe worth looking a bag. Anyone tried it?

    Anyone say what the best or their favourites are? Or are there any other ones I've missed or less common ones I should try out also?

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    The only chew I've tried is Oliver Twist. As you might have guessed from the name it is twist (spun) tobacco that comes in small pellets that you chew on. I got a little box of the Arctic flavour and went through it pretty quickly, even though I wasn't a huge fan of it I still enjoyed it. Give a try if you like your chew.