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Oliver Twist vs Mini snus

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  • Oliver Twist vs Mini snus

    Just was wondering how they compare, i know OT original has more nic then a offroad mini or phantom mini, but has any mini snusers(if their are such people) been satisfied with them as a long term solution? Im guessing OT will be a quick hit rather then offroads mini whites.

    Both are pretty expensive imo but at least i wont have to wait on northerner.

    Also why have picenell disapeared.

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    Quite the opposite actually ... Oliver Twists contain a lot more nicotine, but as they are not alkaline it takes far longer to absorb it than any snus - this has the effect that they feel far weaker.

    Also with any chewing tobacco bits - you need to chew on them a bit to get the juices released and whether you should swallow those juices is debatable.

    Sometimes wrong and sometimes right .... but ALWAYS certain!!!


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      Ah bummer, no wonder why they didnt help me quite when i was despretly trying to get of the cigs. I have a lower tolerence now though. Mini snus's work just fine.

      I ordered 12 boxes last night which should be coming today or tomorrow.


      Can you freeze them btw? Might keep them for a back up along with the thunder chew.


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        Never mind ... if you use 2 or 3 at a time then it can be close to using snus. I don't think they need refrigeration at all especially when they're unopened as they come in little vacuum sealed packs inside the boxes.

        Sometimes wrong and sometimes right .... but ALWAYS certain!!!


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          hmm ive got a bit of a nick rush from the one of the ones that came today, or perhaps its just the sugar... taste isnt to bad the taste is a bit stronger then snus.... i can see how it would get gross over a whole day.

          Got 6 different flavours to mix things up though

          Better then vaping or smoking but i can see why I choose snus.

          I think they will be of use... just as something to shake things up with snus, it will keep me from experementing with american chew any further.

          btw isnt sugar used as a way of changing the ph and making it easier to absorb via gums? if that makes any sense at ill idk.

          update: idk why buy im discarding them quickly, like after 20 or 30 mins... chewing too much probably... or just craving snus... SNUS!!!
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