Someone should add a segment for Trophy brand chew, it's a unique one, and I was going to write a review of it, but it doesn't have it's section.

Southern Pride is a decent chew, but for me, it's so so, mediocre. It gets lost among the really good chews, like Levi and Red Man Golden, and some of the lower price chews like Starr, I found were better. Southern Pride, if memory serves, tries to market itself as being similar to Red Man chew, though I did not notice a similarity, but it was OK. It's not a rebuy probably, because it's not a low price chew, and if I'm going to pay regular price, I'd rather get Levi or Red Man Golden. But that's just me, you might love it more than those. Overall, it was OK, it had good leaf quality and good taste, and I finished the bag with no problem.