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Levi Garrett Chewing Tobacco(regular)

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  • Levi Garrett Chewing Tobacco(regular)

    They also have another blend, but I've only had the basic regular kind.

    Unless I change my mind, which can happen, this is my fave chew overall. It was immediately so good. As you hoist that handfull of leaves into your mouth, your mind is going, oh man this is good, at least it was to me. I also have only had this one time, but it's time for another, esp now as I have only one small chaw left of some Trophy chew and that's all the chew I currently have. For the most part, chew is very similar, as they are all just shredded leaves mixed in some sweet syrup. The differences lie in the tastes of the syrup, which all seem variations of sweet, and the quality of the leaves. For this one, it was all great. Great leaf quality, and a very good sweet taste, maybe a little sharp, but very good. I'll get another of this this weekend.

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    Levi Garrett is the first tobacco product that I used on a regular basis, before switching to cigarettes. Out of nostalgia, I tried it again few months ago, but it was too sweet for me. Plus I remembered how much I hate spit cups/bottles. It is a good chew, and I'm not trying to dog it, but snus is king for me.


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      My only chew experiences have been with Red Man loose and plug, and to my tastes the bland Apple Chew Plug. I decided to try something different, so I gave this a go. I'm about half way through it so far. I like it. I find it to be sweet like Red Man, but a little different, not as molassesy.


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        never had any chew except some apple pigtail ordered from Mr. snuff....

        I just noticed that a bag of chew has 500 grams looool

        and 10 bags would be around 6 kg of tobacco for $90 which is very affordable...

        I think I will order one of each .... mainly levi garett and stokers....


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          I just picked up a pouch of this today. I was curious since I heard so many good things about it. I've only ever had Redman and that was back when I was like 14 or so. I hated it back then of course considering it made me really sick in the stomach. So far it has a great flavor to it. I can't see myself using it regularly, but I will definitely be using it now and then in the future. It's quite sweet but enjoyable. I haven't tried the plug and quite honestly I don't know if I will. There's nothing like chewing on a nice tobacco salad lol.


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            Levi Garrett was my favorite chew until I went to a gas station in CO while on vacation. It was so bad (which I'm guessing was from being a very old bag) that I never chewed again. Couldn't get that taste out my head. As far as fresh bags go, it's the best.