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Why don't we do a Purchasing Coop?

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    A co-op can only work with Northerner and members within the USA because of the cheaper shipping costs. The only problem with that is Northernern only carries some of the snus brands that the members want. A group buy thru snuscentral or buysnus won't work because they don't save you anything on shipping. The first 3 or so rolls is like $30 for shipping, then from 4 rolls to 10 rolls the shipping is aprox $5 to $7 per roll. Once you put more than 10 rolls in your cart the additional cost for shipping is like $10 per each additional roll. Now add the cost to ship it to the person that buys it from you and there just isn't much of a differance than if you simply placed the order yourself. This is all calculated for the end cost for orders shipped on to the buyer within the USA. You will get points from Buysnus but that doesn't amount to much for the original buyer....but it does help cover the time to keep track of everything and the materials to ship the product off to the end buyer and gas to get to the post office. Currently there is no points system for Northerner.

    If someone has alot of time on their hands and wants to do this for his friends and end up with no profit by the time its all said and done thats all fine and dandy. But the end buyer really won't save much at all. There is a way to make a bit of a profit but then you have to be in the USA and ship worldwide and actually add on $10 or so per order. That will only work for members that have a hard time getting snus or live in high tax or areas where snus sales are restricted. They will pay because they don't have much other choice to get snus.

    Then theres the problem if a package get lost or stolen. Will the original buyer resend the snus, or a portion of the snus, at his personal cost? Or will you accept the loss when you never recieve your package?

    There is also the problem of accepting payments. Paypal will close your account if the find out you are useing their service for tobacco transaction. And they mean business. You will never get another account with them if they catch you. They actually keep an eye on tobacco forums and have all the money and technical resources in the world to make sure the members are not useing paypal for tobacco transactions. Whatever you not use Paypal for tobacco transactions.

    I'm just trying to help out and shed some additional light on this subject. In any case if someone wants to try a co-op I wish you the best of luck.

    edit; if you have a friend that lives close to you and you want to do a group buy.....that will work fine.

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      I wouldn't mind doing this for fellow snussers. But I wouldn't be able to do it on a regular basis. Perhaps seasonal?
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        If lets say, 5 people all wanted two rolls. If each person ordered on their own, they would pay close to $30 in shipping. If they placed an order together, they would end up paying like $15 in shipping. I agree, it only really works if you teamed up with people kind of near you.


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          Interesting placeholder page on hmmmm...


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            Ordering Coopoeratives

            I, like many members, am sick and tired of having to spend $200 just to the marginal price below $5/can. There has been some talk on the forums about group purchasing, until we figured out that it wouldn't be effective, because we would have to pay for shipping it back out. I came up with a potential solution...

            A local snus cooperative!! For geographic hubs, (like the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live) local snusers could share email addresses, coordinate orders, and get the price per can below $4. Then we all could meet up at some coffeehouse and divy up the snus!! This would only work if we could get at least three or four people's orders in at once. I know that, geographically speaking, the snuson community is scattered all over the place, but I figure for San Francisco, Chicago, New York, etc., we have got to have more than a couple snusers!

            So, if you are interested, post the city / state / country you live in!!


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              I am guessing that this never took off - as I see more reasons for the online retailers to understand we need a voice and office on this side of their pond. Yes, I am an ugly American - and Swedish Match has paved the way here - So i thinking its only a matter of time before MORE SWEDISH SNUS will be around without the hoops and extra charges - they aren't selling to the EU - and that must affect their bottomline and how long before that happens is anyones guess.

              Money talks ....


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                I still think a purchasing coop is a good idea. You see them all the time on the ecig forums.
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