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Whole leaf legal in the UK

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  • Whole leaf legal in the UK

    Hi, I just want to know if whole leaf tobacco or tobacco flour for making Snus is legal to purchase in the UK?

    I've received conflicting information so just wanted to get some clarity.

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    You could buy (unflavoured) snuff from Toque Snuff.

    Toque, ToqueUSA, and Silver Dollar are apparently hot-air-cured.


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      I think Toque Quit is the one you want so search for “quit” on the Toque website. You can always email Roderick.

      Ps. the toasts are not suitable for snus
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        Thanks for that Chewbacca, I'll defo look into that. It doesn't have much info about the type of tobacco it is on their website i.e whether it's air cure cured etc but I'll contact them for clarification.


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          How did you get on?


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            I messaged Roderick like you suggested and you were right, the Quit is air cured and the most suitable. One could use the Rustica I suppose but its not air cured.

            I haven't made any yet, I'm still researching and deciding if it's worth the effort.


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              UK snus maker here. Since 2017 whole tobacco leaf has become illegal to own ... but not illegal to buy. Go figure! I grew my own so applied to the government for a permit to handle it as I already had a lot of whole leaf tobacco ... they didn't give it to me ... so even composting it was illegal!

              Sometimes wrong and sometimes right .... but ALWAYS certain!!!