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    Ok. So I have flavored some of my own snuff....and I have two that will be ready to go shortly....and I would like to get some outside opinions.

    The first one is a citrus menthol clove. It is McChrystals English Menthol, fresh whole clove (that was sifted out) and the peel of a Minneola (citrus fruit)

    The second is the "American Shmaltzer". It is Tube Rose, RR Mills Sweet and coconut oil.

    Now, for the twelve words or less, tell me why you want to taste these snuffs.

    Top ten replies get a sample sent to them.

    The contest will be open until October 23, when I pick the winners and gather addresses.

    If there are less than ten entries....everybody wins...obviously.

    Alright...let the game begin!

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    Because I am a snuff connoisseur. I loved your monkey blend bro!


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      I must have you make me take the first step to snuffing!!!


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        me luv you long time... and have reciprocative sample for you


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          I like to try new snuff, have an assortment already and like to compare your snuff with other name brands


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            Your snuff sounds delicious and I admire the home brew spirit


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              I like snuff alot, and you make it which is cool.

              There you go. Less then 12 words lol.


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                I enjoyed your last snuff. I'm very interested in trying Coconut snuff.


                Have you tried Icelandic snuff (neft├│bak)? I would like to send you a sample and see what you think.
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                  I would like to try your snuff because I am not right in the head and cannot count!
                  wiki "Popcorn Sutton" a true COOT!


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                    Me want Monkey Snuff!!


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                        "Never tried snuff, let your Monkey snuff pop my noses cherry"

                        3 months with snus, curious what the snuff is about. Thanks Monkey


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                          I'm a Florida brother you need to hook up with coconut Shmaltzer....


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                            Hey I'm a native Floridian! LoL if that counts.


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                              I'm from New York and alot of NY-ers retire and/or flee to Florida