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  • Where do you keep your can?

    Hello folks! I am brand new to the forum so I thought I would send out a quick post to introduce myself and also ask a question. I have been a smokeless tobacco user for many years and I absolutely love everything about it except one thing.... carrying my can - or cans, depending on if I'm enjoying more then one flavour during the day. Much of this "struggle" also stems from the style of attire I am wearing that day - where some clothing options (Business attire etc.) allow for less storage options than others.

    All that said, I am wondering what you folks are doing to overcome this struggle? I realize that wearing a blazer or jacket of some sort only adds storage options to ones person however, I am more interested in what people are doing to overcome the "over crowded pocket scenario" with their typical everyday wear clothing. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I used to be strategic about it but now I just leave it on or in my desk at work. In the car when I go on appointments, and in my pocket when I'm just around. At home it's in the fridge. I've learned to keep an extra can at work for the time that I forget's happened. In the cooler months I keep a can in the car but wouldn't do that in the summer.

    With business attire I like to use an Oliver Twist can. You can only fit about six portions in it (it would be useless for los) but that's all I'll need. That also fits perfectly in the little pocket in most jeans and you can't even see it. The Oliver Twist product isn't too bad either but towards the end I start chewing on them and would need to spit. The downside is there's no place to put a spent portion. Gotta get creative or just go to the men's room.


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      Welcome to the forum CHAWKS

      Personally I keep mine in my jacket inside pocket but if needs must I will use a trouser back pocket.
      Ref carrying different snus I will just put all the snus I want for the day in one can & carry that. Or there's the more elegant solution of an Icetool can


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        Having the "trunk" to put a spent portion in is a very nice option to have and makes ones program a heck of a lot easier when out and about! The other side of this predicament is that by the time one has their wallet, phone, keys, can, etc. the available real-estate left over starts to run out quickly. In the day to day activities of being the office, or around the house, I don't struggle with the above mentioned issue as much because I too leave my can lying around. Its when you're out for the day or evening - typically in a social setting - and you need your wallet, phone, keys, can, business cards etc. that I struggle the most. Funny enough, this has been a struggle for me for over 25 years, and I'm still trying to figure it out LOL!


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          If I am wearing a fleece and I have the sleeves rolled up I sometimes keep a can up there.


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            Back pocket in jeans, but if I'm wearing anything else (formal wear is the main offender here) & the can would be overly visible then I tuck it down the shaft of my boots