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I know quitters never win, but the general has taken too many fingernails...

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    I know quitters never win, but the general has taken too many fingernails...

    I've been full on "chain-snuser" for the past 15 years; only time I dont have a pouch iis when I take it out to put in another, or to eat, brush teeth, or sleep. But I've decided when I finish the last six cans I have, I'm done. Not because I don't enjoy, and not because I have any health related concerns, or anyone else thinks I should, or anything like that.

    For one thing, the price has gone up dramatically since I started. When I started I'd order reasonably priced snus from europe. Eventually General started to be offered places besides just tobacco stores (sometime around like 2008-2010 cant remember) and was $1 a can and had mint in full size pouches, not such mini. I was happy for a while with that, and when one store raised its prices, just find another that's still $1. And general sending coupons in the mail and $1 off on the lid and even the full price wasnt so bad. Fast forward to now full price is like $7 can, mail order is only a little bit cheaper (and more complicated cuz someone has to be there to sign for it). Now I'm spending $200/month it seems.

    Price had been bugging me a while as it slowly crept up, then last year, there was all sorts of talk in my area of eliminating all flavored nicotine products, including traditional American tobacco products like methol cigarettes and wintergreen dip. It ended up not actually happening, but I think it was delayed. I don't necessarily like the sweet strong flavors like camel snus and have only tryed nic-vape a few times with freinds so neither important to me personally, but I've always liked Mint snus even when it was only available in general mini, and I remember years ago one of the others i used to like were cranberry flavored (but not candy flavored) but it was just a subtle taste, not candy flavored like camel. Anyways no flavors at all for anything containing nicotine gunna be allowed sometime soon around me.

    Then nail in coffin, I just ripped off my fingernail again. A few months ago general changed its packaging and unless I'm paying attention I try to open it like the old cans with a fingernail, but this new packaging is like more plasticy than papery and I'd already half clipped a few fingernails before, but this one took off way too much and friggen hurts. Little tiny annoying thing that hurts a lot.

    So yeah I decided to cheat. I started chantix yesterday. Gunna buy sunflower seeds and gum next time I go shopping before I actually stop.

    Welcome mate. Hope the chantrix works for you.
    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I killed because they were annoying......

    I've been wrong lots of times.  Lots of times I've thought I was wrong only to find out that I was right in the beginning.


      Thanks 2.5 cans left... ever... trying to decide how to ration them....

      Anyone else notice General's US packaging tho? Was that just me? I used to just stick a nail in the gap and slide it around, it'd open. They changed something, now do that it catches and can tear ones fingernail.


        ran out and havent reordered so i picked up a can of gen orig locally and noticed it has a lil pull tab ribbon that runs around the can.. after i opened it the "traditional" way