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From seed to Swedish snus, moving the plants outside.

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    From seed to Swedish snus, moving the plants outside.

    Now it is time to move the plants outside when the frost nights seem to be over.

    Nice post as always. I read last week you can feed tomato plants with soluble asprin:

    from @Botanygeek on Twitter

    “Yes! Soluble aspirin is chemically very similar to a plant growth regulator called salicylic acid.

    Spraying on a dilute solution now basically turns on the genes that express their defence system.

    It creates more resilient plants & even better-flavoured, more nutritious fruit.“

    As the tobacco plant is in the same family I wonder if you could also feed them with soluble asprin with success.

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      Maybe I try that if I get a lot of pests this season or if my tobacco gets a headache. If you don't try you don't learn anything ;-).


        If your plants get a headache LOL

        You know tomato plants have nicotine in them?

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          Tobacco is very sturdy. Some of the small plants can get partly eaten by slugs, but even then they might survive and grow up to 2 metres and higher in a normal summer. From a certain height on pests won't touch them (probably because of the nicotine). Tobacco needs much water (as is typical for subtropical plants) and that's it. I've never encountered plants that were as easy to grow as tobacco. You will need some weeks of warm, sunny, but not too dry weather in late summer or early fall to slowly dry the leaves.

          Well, I grew tobacco for 2 years no problem at all, and there was even enough time to dry the leaves outside (in the quite crappy climate of my hometown Dortmund, which lies directly on the transition zone between a maritime and a continental climate in northern Germany, with rain inducing mountains in the south - you actually have to be born here to tolerate that special weather, no joke, but even here it's absolutely no problem to grow tobacco), but I never even tried to make snus out of it (apart from some half-hearted and failed attempts), but now I have a stock of very aromatic smelling 10-year-old tobacco in the cellar, which may come in handy in case of supply outages.

          Good luck!


            So far it has been a good season, even in the middle of Sweden. Mostly warm and rather high humidity, but now the frost nights are coming. Most of my tobacco hanging to dry outside protected from the rain. I probably have to dry the last leaves inside if it gets colder.