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Post your current top 5 favorite snus here

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  • Currently I'd say;

    1. Skruf original portions
    2. Goteborgs Rape XR
    3. Jakobsons Hallon and Jordgubb
    4. General One
    5. General Onyx


    • It's been a while so here goes.....

      Grov Stark portion
      Ettan op
      Olde Ving Fudge op *
      Skruf Black Line op *
      General ONE op *
      ( * - my fickle taste buds are enjoying these three a lot right now but in a week? who knows......)


      • Lotta sweet stuff, in no particular order.

        Jaks Gullviva & Viol
        Jaks Melon
        Epok Melon
        Epok Strong Lime
        General Strong XR


        • Siberia Red
          Siberia Brown
          Odens Cold extreme WD
          General original extra strong
          Thunder X
          Not necessarily in that order and havnt tried too many others yet.


          • Don't have a top 5 "Yet", but I am working on it. Here are the ones I have from my first 2 orders, should come up with a top 5 from those 42 (I hope).

            Änglaholm White Portion
            Epok Blueberry White Slim Portion Snus
            Epok Mint White Slim Portion Snus
            Ettan White Portion Snus
            General Classic White Mini
            General Classic Mini
            General White Dry Mini Mint
            General White Mint
            General White Portion Snus
            Granit White
            Kaliber White
            Knox Slim Original White Portion Snus
            Knox White
            Oden's 69 White Dry
            Phantom Classic White
            Thunder Frosted Mini (Extra Strong)
            XRANGE General Slim Large White Portion Snus
            Crafted Snus Whisky Original by Conny Andersson
            Islay Whisky White Portion Snus
            Jakobsson's Mint Strong Portion Snus
            Kapten Mini White Café Snus
            Mocca Mint Mini White
            Nick & Johnny Green Ice Slim White Portion Snus
            Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Xtra Strong
            Oden's Cold
            Offroad Frosted
            Offroad Frosted White Dry
            Offroad Smooth M White Mini (Mint)
            Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion Snus
            Olde Ving 99 Coffee
            Olde Ving Fudge
            The LaB 22 Slim White Mint Portion Snus
            Ettan Original Portion Snus
            General ONE Portion Extra Strong Snus
            General ONYX Strong Portion Snus
            Göteborgs Rapé Strong White Portion
            Jakobsson's Glögg & Kanel Portion Snus
            Jakobsson's Melon Strong Portion Snus
            Jakobsson's Special Salmiak Strong Portion Snus
            Jakobsson's Strong Cola Portion Snus
            Jakobsson's Wintergreen Strong portion snus
            Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong


            • the time you figure out your top 5.....four will have been discontinued.

              Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I killed because they were annoying......

              I've been wrong lots of times. Lots of times I've thought I was wrong only to find out that I was right in the beginning.


              • Nick and Johnny Desert Green - Discountiued =(
                Nick and Johnny Desert Green - Discountiued =(
                Nick and Johnny Desert Green - Discountiued =(
                Skruf anything is pretty Great!
                Roda loose


                • 1. Siberia snus
                  2. Makla snus
                  3. General Snus
                  4. Odens snus
                  5. Skruf snus