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Offroad Cool A - Limited Edition - Cola Snus: Review

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  • Offroad Cool A - Limited Edition - Cola Snus: Review

    Well well well. This time it's Offroad's Limited Edition Cool A (SnusCentral Order)

    Offroad Intro:

    Offroad was founded in Denmark and is a brand under V2 Tobacco.


    If you are looking for new and exciting taste sensations, Offroad snus is the best way to go. Every snus blend is distinct and surprising. Offroad comes in a variety of different flavours, including cranberry, liquorice and American wintergreen. Sold in portions or as loose snus. (V2 Tobacco, 7-12-17, Snus Information)

    Offroad snus is V2 Tobacco's high flavor brand, consisting of many different aromas. The Offroad snus brand was launched in 2006 at a low price and representing high quality. Offroad is a strong "Value for money" snus! (Offroad Snus, 7-12-17, Offroad Snus)

    Limited summer edition 2017: Offroad Coola White Portion Snus brings you great cola snus taste in a slower running white portion and at a regular 8mg/gr of nicotine per portion. Enjoy, cola fans!! (SnusCentral, 7-12-17, Offroad Cool A)

    Offroad Cool A - Limited Edition:

    Decent sized portions - I found the portions to fit nicely in the lip. The snus it self is difficult to fluff and tends to clump together. Especially after refrigerating.

    The cola flavor is very mild but still noticeable. The flavor is gone about 30 minutes into the pouch but you can still get a nice tobacco flavor from it.

    I find the nicotine level to be adequate but not strong.

    No overpowering flavors
    Mild Cola flavor (Can be con)
    Portion size is near perfect

    Tough to fluff portions
    Flavor Length
    Limited Edition

    TOBACCO WEIGHT (G): 16 | NICOTINE (%): 0.8 | PORTIONS / CAN: ~20

    Side Note: This is a good snus but I would say far from a good Cola snus as this is more like someone said Cola in the other room.
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