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  • Off-road Blue Los

    So I made a purchase almost two months ago and got a roll of this in my order without ever trying it. I was hankering for the old phantom blue los, and figured same company, same name, what could go wrong?

    For complete disclosure, I have been using this snus almost exclusively since I got it and finally opened my last can.

    For flavor I was looking forward to windex, lemon and floral juniper and I got that. I was excited, but I got something I was not expecting.

    Menthol. And a lot of it.

    I am not a big fan of menthol and except for that short phase in the early 2000’s when I was smoking camel menthol lights I don’t really like menthol. Snuff occasionally when I’m sick, but not in the mouth. Oh dear God not in the mouth.

    Also, a prolly of the old Phantom Blue could hold up the weight of a baby elephant. Off-road Blue is a very soft snus that does not have long staying power. After 30 minutes and one wrong move it’s a mouthful of menthol...menthol that doesn’t fade.

    Overall it’s not a terrible snus, and honestly I didn’t hate using it, but there was a distinct lack of enjoyment in this roll. It was my snus fix and I am using it until it’s gone because if I go to one of the other brands of snus I got I might not come back to finish this roll off.

    Sadly I will not purchase it again, and once again I miss a snus that is no more.

    One day I’ll have a happy ending on a snus story, just not this day.