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Thunder Limo G'N'M Lemongrass & Mint portion

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  • Thunder Limo G'N'M Lemongrass & Mint portion

    I thought this was an unusual combination for a snus and was curious so I bought some. So far it's my least favorite snus I've tried.

    It has a stronger mint taste than anything, but the lemongrass flavor that's there is very artificial and medicinal tasting, much more reminiscent of chemical than natural taste. The worst though is after about 15 minutes, the medicine taste really kicks in as the drip starts coming. It's super bitter and just awful. It makes me wonder if anyone tried this before deciding to sell it to customers. Hardly any tobacco flavor at all. At least it has the familiar nic kick like all the Thunder extra strong products, but honestly that's all it has going for it. I wish I would have ordered the Nilla Shock or coffee flavors instead. This is a don't buy from me, unless that flavor description sounds appealing to you.