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Thunder Kickass Jalepenos & Chili portion

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  • Thunder Kickass Jalepenos & Chili portion

    Here in Texas, jalepenos and chilis are the same thing. Jalepenos are a type of chili. I'm guessing it's different in Sweden? Regardless I like spicy so wanted to give this a try.

    I was pretty disappointed because I didn't taste any chili pepper with this snus, mostly mint. Although I guess you could say it was a little strong but more from a strong mint type of feeling on your gums than an actual burn you would get from a good chili. When you open the can and smell it there's mostly mint, but a little pepper. More like black pepper though than chili pepper. The portions are good size and moist enough, and actually aren't too bad tasting. Just a stronger than usual mint snus with a black pepper aftertaste was my impression of this. I wouldn't buy it again, but I wouldn't give it away either like I did the Thunder Limo G'N'M lemongrass snus. I really hope that someone makes an actual chili pepper tasting snus with a good burn because I would buy that in a heartbeat.