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Cut'n Roll tobacco flour, homemade snus

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    Cut'n Roll tobacco flour, homemade snus

    I think this is only available in Sweden, but I really like the snus made of Cut'n Roll tobacco.

    It has a sweet aromatic tobacco flavour, like the smell of fresh Virginia cigarette tobacco. That is the tobacco in the flour as well. It has a rough, slight dark chocolate taste. It can be a tiny bit bitterish, but flavouring with Bergamotte essence balances that perfectly.

    You can find it here:

    I asked if would send to the UK ... they told me that they couldn't with any snus or snus kits due to the EU laws. But as I grow my own tobacco now and grind my own snus flour then I no longer need to buy it from sweden.

    That sounds like cut'n'roll is made from flue cured virginia tobacco ... when I make snus from pure virginia leaf it tastes very chocolatey and sweet. The original Ljunglofs recipe for Ettan specifies virginia tobacco and I find snus made with this tobacco often tastes similar.

    Sometimes wrong and sometimes right .... but ALWAYS certain!!!


      Squeezy, I'm thinking about starting to grind my own with a friend soon, do you think it would work to have a recipe of about 80% Canadian brightleaf and 20% dark air cured? I took your advice and I'm poking around the leaf wholesalers, but I don't want to order a pound of leaf just to waste it.


        surely they can sell tobacco flour , that's ridiculous .... it isn't actually snus