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Chad's Special Habanero and Lime Snus

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    Chad's Special Habanero and Lime Snus

    I don't know if this is technically a brand but I'll post a review anyway.

    I almost didn't try this since I am not a big fan of Habanero and when you add that its mixed with snus I really paused. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this is! The moisture and consistency was perfect. The habanero and lime blend very well to give just the right amount of flavor while still preserving the tobacco taste and it is just spicey enough to be right. Chad mentioned possibly making some more and sending some cans out. If that happens put me down for at least a can. I can honestly see this being picked up by a snus producer and available at web shops someday.

    id like to thank you Chad for the lovely Gustavsus sample cans !

    mmm.. gustavsus is a bit like general but there is slightly more aroma in it , not as salty as general either and it's also lighter

    bottom line .. a great to go snus