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    Reviews for Gellivare (Los).

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    I Just finished my first tin of Gellivera. Here are my first impressions

    First of all this is great snus. If you have not tried it you need to get a can of it. It is mellow and rich at the same time. I could see this being a snus that I would be very slow to burnout on. It just hits the right balance in flavor.

    Second, it has a consistency unlike anything out there. It is fine in grind but not doughy (like Roda or Prima). It’s almost grainy (but not in a bad or abrasive way) It is very comfortable against the gum- so don’t let the “grainy” description throw you.

    Next, this is probably the trickiest snus to handle that I have yet encountered. It’s not that it is the hardest to hand bake (in fact it bakes very nicely). However, the different grind/texture means that it requires a whole different technique and approach. Just plan to spend a little time with it initially, getting accustom to it and working out how to manage it. I’ve got several cans, when I feel I have something worth adding about technique, I’ll post it- for now patience and good ol trial and error are in order.

    This is one of the only snuses that really compress with baking- most snuses, when you over work them, tend to break apart on you. Gellivera really packs down nicely. So far I find that a tight bake works best with it. Pinch and toss tends to slide after a bit. However, with G’s texture and workability, I think it has more potential for different bakes than most snuses out there.

    As far as Hillbilly goes (lower lip)- it works great.

    It tends to stick to the fingers (as do all snuses). However, it’s not the usual wet residue (e.g. as one gets with General). Instead, it has more of a dry feel (due to the graininess of the grind- not to the lack of moisture in the snus). This in turn means that it brushes off easier. Still, you might want to break your first can open at home rather than at the office.

    I did use a Prismaster with it on a couple occasions. It worked fine. However, I’m just not a PM guy so others will have to speak to the use of tools with this one.

    Bottom line: this is a unique snus that is well worth trying. You owe yourself at least one can of it and Landstroms
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      Originally posted by Snusdog
      I Just finished my first tin of Gellivera. Here are my first impressions
      Sorry to derail this. I promise to edit this once I get mine and add my impressions/review.... (recently ordered but not here yet). I think this is the one I tried and not the Landstroms. Anyhoo, how does this compare to the cut/texture of Copenhagen snuff? Just curious.


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        i like and dont like this stuff. i like the flavor, though i could use more of it. i dont like the icetool dependency cause i make a huge mess handbaking it. i like the way an icetool made pris holds up in my lip. i dont like the way a handbaked pris mudslides real bad. i like the different shape of the can. i dont like that the lid is a bitch to get back on sometimes. all in all, id say ive been enjoying gellivare lately, but with so many other choices of los snus that i like even more, ive no real reason to buy more of this.


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          I'm about 6 lips into this one and it's definitely a unique snus. As was mentioned the grind is unlike any other, the flavor lacks comparison despite the "pure" nature of it (a rare tobacco?), the hit is great due to the very fine grind. I might not even attempt to hand bake it, I would waste it. Like dog said it's very comfortable. I like this snus a lot, and I'm curious as to how it differs from Landstromms. I don't see myself needing lots of it, and I'm not sure why or if that's true, it's too early to call. For a unique lös experience, definitely try it while you can get it shipped to the USA if you live here and haven't tried it

          Edit: Ordered a roll a couple days after this post. I wish it had been Landstroms though, I ended up liking that one better. Need a roll of that too. More earthy, less rich, but still quite similar to Gellivare. IMO the differences are subtle


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            I love this one, I used to know a swedish lumberjack and he bought me a box of it....a 2 kg box!!!!! And u could put in wich taste u wanted....oh man, unfortunally they dont ship out side SVE, but some time i do hope to get some again! it was perfect, it was a nice sight in the fridge...loved putting on the table when I had friends over that also used snus!


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              This is very good snus, one of my favorites. The grind is on the finer side and the flavor is terrific. Taste wise, it is similar to a cross between Grov and Ettan. My only's very dry. It just received this order from Northerner. The cans were all loose in the box (not in rolls). I'm curious if the roll wrapper has a "best by date" or ingrediets listing, becuase neither are printed on the can. Anyway, it's the driest snus I've ever tried. I'd recommend they use more water and/or use a can that seals better. The odd shape of the can is kind of cool, but it does't snap on, or seal, very well and they pack so much snus in the can, that the lid bows-up on the ends.


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                This is some darn good stuff! It has a really smooth tobacco taste with just the right amount of salt. There are some other subtler tastes in the background which i cannot quite figure out but nothing really pungent or sharp. This snus reminds me of a really good Sumatra coffee in that it is fairly strong without being bitter. The Landstroms is similar to Gellivare but with a bit of citrus added in. I personally like the Gellivare better but you really can't go wrong with either of these.


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                  Well, I sit here with my 1st ever can of Gellivare Los...
                  I wanted to review it this morning with coffee.... but this stuff is just "different"...
                  I'm not sure what to say..
                  I have my 3rd, I can't say prilla, well, amount, in right now.
                  Maybe it's my can? I got it from Northerner, not too long ago. Been in the freezer. It has no Bast Fore date on it.
                  But, maybe it's meant to be like this. Kinda dryish and flakey. This in a way, is good, though it's different than "regular" los.
                  I just can't handbake this. I've just grabbed a few pinches and shoved it under my lip. But, because it is like it is, it stays in place really good, and does not have that moist clay like consistency that seems to often break apart and mudslide.
                  It's just so different, I'm not sure what to say.
                  Taste wise, it's good. Very subtle, plainish. Not bad. Rather easy to use. I think I like it. But I think I'll need to use it a few more days to really know, or it may just remain the same.


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                    A few positive thoughts on this one. It's dryish quality actually makes it rather easy to use. I just pinched some stuck it in. And the clean up is easy too, just a mouth rinse and non of it stuck on my teeth. It's different, but I'm liking it.


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                      Has this been discontinued? I can't find it anywhere and really liked this one. I also miss Gotlands yellow =(


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                        Originally posted by Fury
                        Has this been discontinued? I can't find it anywhere and really liked this one. I also miss Gotlands yellow =(
                        Not that I'm aware of. They're a TINY company, and production problems can be expected. I think Northerner's the only company that's ever sold Gellivare.

                        They were shut down by the Swedish government a few years ago over tax issues, and I thought they were gone for good. That was a happy day when I heard they were back in business :^)


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                          Gellivare was literally the first Los I ever tried...needless to say, that was a mistake. Not sure who said it here, but the description of baking it being like "herding cats" was spot on. Almost put me off los for good, till I popped my first can of Roda or Prima, don't remember which. That stuff's like rolling play-doh in your hands!

                          Now that I'm (possibly) able to handle Gellivare, and am interested in trying it seems to have completely fallen off Northerner's map...


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                            Glad I stocked up!