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    I've been snusing for two weeks and enjoy it alot! I have taken a liking to general mint. And have tried all the other general brands. I went from smoking American spirits which have a lot of nicotine in them. I haven't smoked since starting and I love the consistency of the mint a lot!! The general white portions I can't really taste anything. But its probably just me. Lol. I ordered a roll of odens extreme cold and a roll of odens extreme vanilla. Good choices? Anything else I should try that fits my preferences? Mint/flavors high nicotine content? Any advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just try everything you can. You'll find what you like and keep an open mind. You might be surprised with what you find you like. Many people sort of change their tastes after a while.

    Now, with the Oden's Extreme you went right to the top in the nicotine department. Be careful with that as there will be snus that won't compare to it and for some this can happen in short order.


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      Congrats on finding the snus alternative......per above try all the flavors you can.......


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        The highest nicotines at this time can build up the highest tolerance, so you wont get satisfacrion from other nicotine levels. I had problems to switch to normal portions after using sterks...


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          Awesome! Yeah with the odens that's what I'm told, I just don't get a buzz with general and it seems to be losing the tingle quicker. I'll probably switch to the larger portions and see if that makes a difference.