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Any input on nicotine-free snus?

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  • Any input on nicotine-free snus?

    I've been using snus for about 15 years. A while ago I came down with the flu. The flu turned into double pneumonia and then I had a heart attack. Now I've got to have open heart bypass surgery. Since nicotine is bad for healing I've got to do away with it.

    I've tried smoky mountain snuff but it's not snus. They sell tobacco-free Swedish snus. Problem is buying it in the USA is very costly to tryout because of shipping. Seems that even though it is tobacco-free I'd still have to pay ups shipping.

    Anyone spent much time trying tobacco-free snus? Although I've changed to portions my favorite is extra strong general loose.

    Is there an American snuff product that comes close to snus? Or any input at all because I'm lost here haha

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    Welcome to the forum MobileSnuser Sorry to hear about your health. Hope the information here is useful for you.