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Muscle Growth/Physical performance

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  • Muscle Growth/Physical performance

    Hello there everyone,

    So this question has been on my mind for a while, as I struggled to find any consistent study/info on this I decided to seek out this forum see if yous have some answers as well.

    Essentially, been trying to shape up recently and build a bit more strenght in general, I ain't no gym freak or active bodybuilder and was wondering whether or not snus/chewing tobbacco has any significant or noticeable effect on muscle growth or physical performance.
    Essentially my consumption isn't a regular thing, I take like 1-2 pockets a day couple times a week at best, however only stick to the ultra strong Siberia(43mg/gram).
    Otherwise i stick to a pretty balanced diet and keep active, any chance this kinda consumption would have any real effect on my efforts?