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Suggestion For Again Nose Surgery !

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  • Suggestion For Again Nose Surgery !

    Hello everyone, I am Ronan Shruf and I had done my nose surgery four months ago. Surgery marks have also gone. But now I am having trouble breathing. When I showed to the doctor, he said that due to the extra tissues in the nose, it causes you to breathe and now they will have to undergo surgery again. Please give me a suggestion that is it good to surgery again or not.

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    as a certified dr i can say get into a bar fight perhaps?

    joking.... erm really i dont knose if this is the right forum for your erm problem....


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      Hi Ronan,

      I feel your pain. I had septoplasty some twenty years ago and the result was less than impressive. I still have about 30% air flow through one nostril but full flow through the other one, so I have learned to live it. Your condition does sound more severe. Maybe you can give it a little time to see if it is tolerable as is?
      Best of luck.....