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In the media: "Chili stops the production of Swedish snus"

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  • In the media: "Chili stops the production of Swedish snus"

    This han been in the Swedish media.

    "Chili stops the production of Swedish snus. The staff at Swedish Match has suffered from nosebleeds and headaches. A chili extract is the cause."

    You can read the full article at my blog:

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    It looks like lack of personal protection in the work place, never a good thing.....I still plan to try NJ Red Hot one of these days....


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      Give me about 5 minutes and a press conference and I'd turn this whole thing into a sales pitch

      Reporter: Mr. Dog are the reports regarding these two brands of snus true:

      Mr. S. Dog: Yes absolutely. This snus is so potent that a government agency had to be called in just to ensure the safety of the workers making it.....want something that will that will blow your mind.......this is you know of any other snus that requires hazmat suits be warn during production.......... this is real man snus.........none of that sissy low octane mocha mini stuff.........if you have to ask if you can handle can't.......move on to something in the berry and melon line"

      Sales would be through the roof
      When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers


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        Wow, I'm actually kinda surprised. I just assumed N&j red didn't have actual chili flavor, more cinnamon.


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          I forgot about the chili info in this thread......opened my first (last?) can of NJ Red Hot today and yes, it comes through as cinnamon for me too.


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            Good one!!!!!!!!!!


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              When it was called radical red it had more chilli in it I'm sure! The red hot is more cinnamon than chili, I preferred it when it was radical red.