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Any pipe smoker's want to help a new smoker out ??

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  • Any pipe smoker's want to help a new smoker out ??

    Just looking for some samples of good pipe tobacco's just small samples .5 oz 1oz or whatever, and I need a reamer , I have 10 estate pipes coming in that will need to be cleaned up

    I just got a nice St pat's day peterson 05 fishtail , have a bunch of MM corncobs and 2 of their hardwoods , a Medico esquire and coming in the mail is 2 pipe racks with 10 more pipes included

    Tobacco's I currently have so you know what I already have on hand to smoke are :

    Tobacco barn aromatic sampler #1 and English sampler #1
    Peterson's -Sherlock holmes
    Mac Baren's - Vanilla Cream , Cherry ambrosia
    Gawith hogarth - Bobs chocolate flake
    some cheap crap called Fox and hound that came as a gift with my St pats Peterson purchase

    Thanks hope someone can help me out and show me some great smokes

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    Oops I thought this was a crystal meth thread... thought Id make a friend and talk about my pyrex


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      Oops, I thought this was a marijuana thread and I was going to tell you there is already a thread for that.


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        Check out pipefriendchs on YouTube!


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          Dunhill Early Morning Pipe, a good light English blend. I used to get this stuff online from cupojoes by the pound it was that good. Never paid duty either due to some clever labeling on the customs label. A simple pipe tool should run you about $2.00 at any tobacco shop that sells pipes/pipe tobacco.


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            Two pipe tobaccos to try: Seattle Pipe Club's Mississippi River
            and Seattle Pipe Club's Plum Pudding
            are both considered excellent, and they smell wonderful.

            They are often out of stock, but the site has them now (the links above go to Take a look at the reviews and see what you think.

            The website also offers one free sample (one ounce) on request with any order, and their customer service people are great, and really know pipe tobacco. Shipping starts at $4 and they ship from Pennsylvania within a day.

            That site was my intro to pipe tobacco and they seem to have everything.

            By the way, here's the write up on Mississippi River:

            Rich Virginias Pressed Tobacco Spiced with Oriental leaf Latakia, and Perique The source of Mississippi River™ ! The way Joe tells it, it all came to him in a dream. Joe blended for 25 years before coming up with this, his first blend. Everything before was...unsmokable, says Joe. So one night, Joe wakes up from a sound sleep, grabs a pencil by the bedside and scribbles a recipe from his dream. He even dreams tobacco! Morning comes and he uses the notes to create a Virginia blend like no other. Mississippi River is born. The rest is history in a tin. Ask Joe if you don’t believe me. Members beg for this blend. It’s a little embarrassing. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
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