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The purest nicotine on the market

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    The purest nicotine on the market

    The goal at NicSelect™ is to communicate the importance of using Vaping-Grade Nicotine™ in e-liquids and to e-liquid manufacturers as well as e-cigarette consumers. The best e-liquids are using the best quality, Vaping-Grade Nicotine from NicSelect™. Nicotine has a flavor. The best nicotine, such as NicSelect™, has a pleasant flavor with a smooth throat hit. Nicotine that is not of the best quality can be harsh on the throat and may have an unpleasant taste that cannot be masked by other flavors. When you see the NicSelect™ seal on your e-juice, you know you are getting the best. If you do not see this seal, ask where the nicotine in your e-juice comes from. If quality documentation cannot, or will not, be shared with you, it is probably not of the highest quality. We, at Nicotine River, only buy NicSelect™ liquid nicotine. When you are making a purchase through us, know that you are getting the best!

    James, thank you for the info. However, I took the link in your post down. According to our ToU (Terms of Use), we do not allow solicitations or links to for profit sites with out the permission of ownership. We do our best to keep this a spam free and discussion only forum. Thank you for your understanding.

    Carry on.
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    Is nicotine river your outfit?
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      I like to get my all natural nicotine by rolling naked through one of the south's old time plantation fields.
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        I get mine from Tomacco!
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          I think my pure nicotine is laced......I can taste all sorts of flavors
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            The term "Vaping-Grade Nicotine" has a (TM) next to it, but it is not, as far as I know, a standardized term with a specific definition. It makes sense to want to differentiate one's e-liquid product, especially in terms of quality and safety, but this term speaks to marketing needs as opposed to strictly defining the quality of the nicotine.

            Any nicotine that has, so far, made it into a vaping device could be called "vaping-grade nicotine."

            --- Correction:
            That write-up from the OP seems outdated as NicSelect® is now a registered trademark, which takes time to get. Also, this product is USP grade nicotine, which makes all the difference:

            "NicSelect® is made by Alchem International, a world-class, FDA-inspected manufacturer of plant-based chemicals for medicines, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. Alchem has been producing pharma-grade liquid nicotine from tobacco plants for nicotine patches and gums, and is now creating vaping-grade nicotine for e-liquid manufacturers."

            Also, from
            "When you choose NicSelect®, rest assured you’re using the freshest, purest nicotine extracted from pesticide-free tobacco plants. NicSelect USP nicotine doesn’t just meet – it exceeds U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) specifications."

            If I vaped (I tried but couldn't find a flavor I really liked), I'd prioritize anything made with NicSelect® as the nicotine source, but would also be interested in the rest of the ingredients as well.
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